007 in Istanbul

A brief overlook of the locations for 007 in Istanbul, which are also nowadays popular tourist attractions.

James Bond films have been known for their exotic locations, and throughout the series, there have also been filming done in Istanbul, Turkey.

The second film in the 007 series, the 1963 movie “From Russia With Love“, was partly shot in Turkey, in addition to filming that was done in Scotland and at Pinewood Studios (which are located near London).

One of the best action sequences of the film was shot at Istanbul’s Hagia Sofia, to where Bond follows Tatiana Romanova, a Soviet Union consulate employee, who is carrying the blueprints for the consulate, as well as a decoding device called “Lektor“, which she is willing to give only to 007.

However, at the location are also a soviet spy and an enemy agent from an organization called SPECTRA.

In terms of interiors, Hagia Sofia offers a marvelous, unique Byzantine period cavalcade of world art and architecture, and it is little wonder that the place is one of Turkey’s most favored tourist attractions.

Another Istanbul filming locations for the film was the Orient Express train, to which Bond ends up finding Romanova after the events at the Hagia Sofia.

Following them to the train are a also, among others, a soviet security agent called Benz, which spots Romanova, as well as an aid to Bond, Ali Kerim Bey, and a SPECTRA agent, Red Grant.

The Orient Express train is a six day/five night long train journey, which starts from Istanbul (Sirecki statioin) to Venice, with stops at Bukarest and Budapest.

The official website for the train journey is available at www.Orient-Express.eu, through which you can also make a reservation for hotels for the Istanbul or Venice parts of the trip.

007 Skyfall, the 2012 James Bond movie, was also partly filmed in Istanbul (and elsewhere in Turkey).

The scenes involving Istanbul were for the movie’s opening scene, a chase through the town after Bond tries to salvage what is left of a failed mission.

Exact filming locations in Istanbul included Eminönü market square, as well as the famous Grand Bazaar, where the scene involved Bond driving a motorcycle on the bazaar’s roof.