24 Hour Cruise from Helsinki

You can make a 24 hour cruise from Helsinki to the capitals of Sweden and Estonia, Stockholm and Tallinn.

Exactly speaking the cruises usually last only about 23 hours, after which a thorough cleaning and ship inspection takes aboard the ship, taking about an hour, after which the cruise ships again goes on the same route.

“A Day in Tallinn” –cruise with the Viking Line XPRS ship is one of the ways you can do this 24 hour cruises from the capital of Finland.

XPRS cruise ship was taken into use for this route in 2008, and it can accommodate a total of about 2500 passengers.

Among the ships restaurants are Bistro Bella Buffet, Xpresso Street, Xpresso Corner, Blue Deli Take Away Café & Grill, Red Rose Café & Dance Bar, as well as Viking’s Inn Music Pub.

For doing shopping, the cruise ship as “Shopping World”, which contains a variety of different types of products to choose from in various categories.

Before you decide upon your cruise from Helsinki, you can get to know the Viking XPRS cruise ship’s via its official brochure (in PDF format), available from the official website for the cruise company at:


24 Hour Cruises to Stockholm

A 24-hour cruise to Stockholm from Finland is possible to be made using either the Tallink Silja Galaxy or Tallink Silja Europa cruise ships.

These two ships both depart from Turku, about an hours drive / train ride from Helsinki, so that one of the ships depart during the morning hours, and the other on the evening, and the journey time for both is about a full day, 24 hours.

Because these two ships are on a synchronized schedule, you can also combine trips by ordering a cruise so that you’ll take, for example, Europa evening cruise to Stockholm, with about 11 hours on the ground in capital of Sweden, and returning on the evening cruise from Stockholm, with Galaxy, with arrival the next morning in Turku.

Brochure for Tallink Silja Europa is available online at:


and similar brochure for Tallink Silja Galaxy is located at: