3 Stars Venice Hotel

Of the about hundred 3 stars Venice hotel accommodations, you can find the most suitable for any budget for your vacation…for a short city break or long-term stay.

Most of the available three star hotels are located in either near the S. Lucia train station (Santa Croce / Cannaregio sestieri), or surrounding Saint Mark’s square (San Marco sestieri).

If you want a good deal on these hotels, I recommend doing reservations early, preferably months in advance.

Even off-season (November-April), I’ve found that only about 10-20% of the 3 star hotels in Venice have rooms available for last minute bookings (say, a week in advance).

And these last minute bookings are not cheap, even if you use Hotwire or similar internet services for best Venice stay discounts.

Most of the time, however, you can save even tens of euros per night by staying in Mestre, near the train station.

The train from Mestre will…

  • take you to Venice in 10 minutes,
  • for a very low price, and
  • these trains depart every 15 minutes, so you won’t have to wait around.

You should also check the prices within Venice-Lido.

Often, especially through Hotwire, there are a lot of good deals to be found on 3 star accommodation.

From Lido, however, you need to travel to Venice by vaporetto (waterbus), and the price, one-way, is not very cheap.

You can, as most do (and as I do when staying in Lido), purchase day tickets or multi-day vaporetto tickets, which are cheaper than buying tickets separately every time for a single journey.

What is a 3 Stars Venice Hotel ?

“What is a 3 stars Venice hotel ?” is a fair question, because the ratings that you’ve become accustomed to in the US are not the same here.

Italy has a law (in effect since 2008) that defines these star rating categories, with which you can get some idea what to expect at a typical 3 star hotel in Venice.

Before the law took effect, each of the Italy’s 20 administrative regions had their own rating systems, including Veneto (where Venice is the capital city).

There are exceptions to these rules, for hotels that are within historically important / protected buildings, which cannot be modified…

…and Venice has many hotels that fall under these exceptions.

The rules within the law states that for 1 to 3 star hotels…

  • single rooms have to be at least 9 square meters wide, while double rooms must be 14 square meters wide,
  • with cleaning services once a day,
  • a 12-hour reception and luggage service for 1 to 2 stars, and 16-hours for three stars,
  • staff speaking at least one foreign language,
  • 12 h bar room service, and
  • Internet access.

In addition, 3-star properties must provide at least 3 square meters per private toilet room, with television in all rooms and safes in 50 percent of rooms.

Four to five star hotels have separate regulations, with higher standards for rooms, facilities, and personnel.

For many regions within Italy, these regulations meant higher new hotel construction costs, as rooms had to increase in size, on average, to get a certain star rating.

Cheap 3 Stars Venice Hotel Deals

If you are not keen on staying in Mestre to find a cheap 3 star hotel in Venice, no problem! You can find inexpensive choices within centro storico (the historical city of Venice) as well, with a little research.

What is cheap is, however, a matter of perspective.

Even the cheapest 1 star Venice hotels are often priced to very expensively per night throughout the summer season…

…whereas in, say, Munich, Germany, you could easily stay for the same money per night at a three star hotel.

To get a room at the cheaper three star hotels for the summer period, you need to reserve months and months in advance.

Some of the more popular cheap 3 star alternatives include:

  • Hotel Universo & Nord (Cannaregio, 100 meters from S. Lucia train station)
  • Hotel La Forcola (Cannaregio, an ancient palace building)
  • Alloggi Agli Artisti (Cannaregio, next to the S. Lucia station)
  • Hotel Malibran (Cannaregio, less than 5 minutes from Rialto bridge)
  • Hotel Belle Arti (Dorsaduro, 5 minute walk to the Peggy Guggenheim art museum)
  • Hotel Campiello (Castello, 200 metres from St. Mark’s Square)

Hotel Bella Arti Venice Italy

PHOTO: Room at the Hotel Belle Arti in Dorsaduro, furnished in stylish, old Venetian tradition.

Throughout Europe, short-term 3-star apartment rentals are often a good, cheap alternative.

In Venice, however, it is very hard to find cheap apartment rentals, as most cater to four-five star luxury and executive (corporate event guest) market.

Therefore, the best alternatives to finding the bottom priced deals on good three star hotels include using hotel price comparison services, such as Booking.com.

I personally like to add to the mix Hotwire, which sells Venice hotels’ still available inventory for deeply discounted prices…

…but with the downside that you won’t know the name or the location of the hotel until after making the reservation.

For cheap accommodation in Venice, it is also a good idea to read through the customer feedback for your chosen hotel, from

  • Tripadvisor, Booking.com, and elsewhere.

I personally like to read through the reviews to find out…

  • more details about the location,
  • if there are any good grocery stores nearby, and
  • whether there are some major issues with the hotel (such as current construction work at the hotel)…

…and sometimes, whether the wifi connection is reasonably good (even though you can easily purchase Wind prepaid mobile internet, as I do).

List of 3 Star Hotels in Venice

Continental Hotel Venice Italy

Three star Continental Hotel Venice Italy, which once belonged to the noble Venetian Frizier family, has been recently renovated, making it one of the great hotel deals within Cannaregio sestieri / Jewish Ghetto.

Hotel Santa Chiara Venice Italy

The 3 star Hotel Santa Chiara Venice Italy has a great location, especially if you’re renting a vehicle from Marco Polo airport, with the accommodation being within the only part of Venice reachable by car.

San Moise Hotel Venice

San Moise Hotel Venice has a great location within the sestieri of San Marco, not too far from major Venetian tourist attractions and best shopping in Venice.

Hotel Ca Formenta Venice

Hotel Ca Formenta Venice is a three star accommodation at one end of Via Garibaldi, a 10 minute walk from Saint Mark’s Square, and close to the Pavilion of Biennale Art.

Canaletto Hotel Venice Italy

Canaletto Hotel Venice Italy is located within the heart of the most romantic part of Venice, just a short walk (200 meters / 656 feet) from Piazza San Marco and Rialto Bridge.

Hotel Locanda Canal Venice

Hotel Locanda Canal Venice is a romantic and cozy thirteenth century accommodation located overlooking Rio del Remedio canal, furnished in a typical Venetian style.

Hotel San Giorgio Venice Italy

The 3 star Hotel San Giorgio Venice Italy is located in central Venice, only a short walk to Rialto and the Fortuny Museum, for example.

Hotel Pausania Venice

Hotel Pausania Venice is an accommodation within a historical, restored residence that once housed an aristocratic Venetian family.

BW Hotel Bisanzio Venice

BW Hotel Bisanzio Venice has a great location within the heart of Venice, close to most of the main tourist attractions of the city.

Canal and Walter Venice Italy

Canal and Walter Venice Italy hotel is located within a classical 18th century Venetian palace, overlooking the Grand Canal, Venice’s main waterway.

Hotel Ca Bauta Venice Italy

Hotel Ca Bauta Venice Italy is a three star hotel that is located within Venice’s historic center, not too far from the impressive Campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo square.

Hotel La Meridiana Venice Italy

Hotel la Meridiana Venice Italy is a three star hotel within Lido Island, a short 2-minute walk from the nearest Lido beach.

Hotel Torino Venice Venice Italy

Hotel Torino Venice Venice Italy is a three star hotel, located a short distance from Piazza San Marco and many other main attractions in the city.

Venice Marconi Hotel

Venice Marconi Hotel has a great location within the Grand Canal, opposite the famous Rialto Bridge.

Montecarlo Venice Hotel

Best Western Montecarlo Venice Hotel is located on a 17th century building, 50 meters from Saint Mark’s Square, offering traditional Venetian style rooms.

Villa Alberti Venice

Villa Alberti Venice is located within historical 18th century villa, in Dolo, halfway between Venice and Padua, surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Hotel Abbazia Venice Italy

Hotel Abbazia Venice Italy receives its name from the fact that is is located within a restored monastery, just 100 meters from S. Lucia train station, within Cannaregio sestiere.

Piave Mestre Hotel Venice

Piave Mestre Hotel Venice is a 3 star hotel, located just 150 meters from the Mestre train station and 8 minute train ride from Grand Canal in Venice.

Villa Beatrice Hotel Venice

Villa Beatrice Hotel Venice is a three star accommodation within Alberoni section of Lido, just 500 meters from Golf Club Venezia.

Villa Paradiso Hotel Venice

Villa Paradiso Hotel Venice is a 3 star accommodation within Venice-Lido’s historic Malamocco area, in one of the more tranquil corners in the Venetian lagoon.

Hotel Scandinavia Venice

Hotel Scandinavia Venice, a three star accommodation, is housed within an ancient palazzo (from year 1000), offering magnificent views to the Church of Santa Maria Formosa.

Venice Villa Dori

Venice Villa Dori is a three star hotel located in Marghera, 1 km from A4 motorway, with a shuttle service to Venice’s Piazzale Roma (15 minute drive from the hotel).

Hotel San Giuliano Venice Italy

3 star Hotel San Giuliano Venice Italy is located 6 km from center of Venice, in front of Ponte della Libertà, the bridge that connects Mestre to Venice.

Firenze Venice Hotel

Firenze Venice Hotel is a three star hotel, located just 30 meters from Piazza San Marco, the main tourist attraction in Venice and the heart of the city.

American Hotel Venice Italy

American Hotel Venice Italy is a three star accommodation that overlooks Canal of San Vio, located in a 17th century Venetian townhouse within the Dorsoduro district, 15 minute walk from St. Mark’s Square.

Hotel Lisbona Venice Italy

Hotel Lisbona Venice Italy is a centrally located 15 guest room, three star accommodation in Venice, just 100 meters from St. Mark’s Square, and close to the vaporetto stop ‘Vallaresso’.

Titian Inn Venice Airport

Titian Inn Venice Airport is one of the most convenient hotels to the Marco Polo Airport, just 900 meters from the main terminal area, and a 15 minute drive from downtown Venice.

Hesperia Hotel Venice Italy

Hesperia Hotel Venice Italy is located a short 5 minute walk from S. Lucia train station, set in a charming district of Cannaregio, overlooking a Venetian canal.

Locanda Ovidius Venice Hotel

Locanda Ovidius Venice Hotel is a three star hotel located in the historic center of Venice, with each floor of the hotel having a terrace with views to the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal.

Paris Hotel Mestre Venice Italy

Paris Hotel Mestre Venice Italy is located less than 100 meters from Mestre train station, a seven minute train ride from S. Lucia station in Venice.

Venice Hotel Commercio e Pellegrino

Venice Hotel Commercio e Pellegrino has a privileged location, just a five minute walk from the most notable tourist attraction in the city, Saint Mark’s Square.

Carlton Capri Hotel Venice

Carlton Capri Hotel Venice has a great location within the city, just 5 minute walk from S. Lucia train station, close to Grand Canal and several water bus (vaporetto) stops.

Al Sole Hotel Venice

Al Sole Hotel Venice is a three star hotel in Santa Croce sestiere, overlooking an idyllic canal, just 450 meters from Piazzale Roma.

Riviera dei Dogi Hotel Venice

Riviera dei Dogi Hotel Venice is a 3 star hotel overlooking Brenta Riviera Canal, set within a 16th century aristocratic residence.

Hotel Villa Edera Venice

Hotel Villa Edera Venice is located within the island of Lido, with the closest vaporetto water bus stop just 250 meters from the accommodation, from where you can get to historic center of Venice.

Arcadia Hotel Venice

Arcadia Hotel Venice is a three star accommodation that dates from 17th century, located within the Cannaregio sestiere (district) of the city.

Locanda Remedio Hotel Venice Italy

Locanda Remedio Hotel Venice Italy is a 3 star accommodation, offered as ‘dependance rooms’ to the four star Colombina Hotel.

Villa Gasparini Venice

3 star Villa Gasparini Venice is located within an 18th century Venetian villa, adjacent to the Naviglio Brenta River in Dolo, 22 km from Venice and Padua.

Kappa Hotel Venice

Kappa Hotel Venice is a three star accommodation within a 20th century building in Venice-Mestre, just 40 meters from the nearest bus stop, with connections to historical center of Venice.

Al Gazzettino Hotel Venice

Three star Al Gazzettino Hotel Venice has a central location, just 5 minutes walk from Saint Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge, housed within a classic 17th century Venetian building.

Corte Contarina Hotel Venice

Corte Contarina Hotel Venice is an ancient residence of Venetian nobility, located in the heart of the city, very close to the San Pietro di Castello Cathedral.

Villa Parco Venice

Villa Parco Venice, a three star accommodation within Lido, is among the more economic choices for a place to sty within the Venetian lagoon.

Spagna Hotel Venice

Spagna Hotel Venice gets its name from being within Lista di Spagna shopping area, a 3 minute walk away from S. Lucia train station, and 500 meters from Piazzale Roma.

Hotel Olimpia Venice Italy

3 star Hotel Olimpia Venice Italy, housed in a 16th century building, is within the Santa Croce sestiere (district), 5 minutes walk from Piazzale Roma.

Hotel Centauro Venice

Hotel Centauro Venice is a three star hotel located a 5 minute walk from Rialto Bridge, set within a classic Venetian 16th century building.

Riviera Hotel Venice Lido

3 Star Riviera Hotel Venice Lido is within a historic palace, located in front of the Venetian lagoon and the nearest vaporetto water bus stop, 10 minute boat ride to Saint Mark’s Square.

Diana Hotel Venice

Diana Hotel Venice is a three star accommodation within a 15th century building, located just 50 meters from Saint Mark’s Square, the main tourist attraction in Venice.

Hotel Alcyone Venice

The affordable 3 star Hotel Alcyone Venice is housed in an 18th century building, located close to the famous Saint Mark’s Square and Rialto Bridge, within the district of San Marco.

Hotel Pantalon Venice Italy

3 star Hotel Pantalon Venice Italy has a great location within the university district of Venice, near ‘S. Toma’ vaporetto (water bus) stop.

Hotel Villa Cipro Venice Italy

Hotel Villa Cipro Venice Italy is a three star hotel in the island of Lido, situated between the sea and the lagoon, on a charming, renovated historic building that has a private garden.

Antica Casa Hotel Carettoni Venice

Antica Casa Hotel Carettoni Venice is a three star, beautifully decorated accommodation, with wooden furniture and luxurious fabrics, in the sought-after Cannaregio sestiere (district) of Venice.

Hotel Italy Lisbona Venice

Hotel Italy Lisbona Venice is a three star accommodation, located around 100 meters from Saint Mark’s Square, the main tourist attraction in the city.

Villa Orio Hotel Venice

3 star hotel Villa Orio Hotel Venice is located within a green neighborhood in Lido, within ‘Alberoni’ area, just 500 meters from Circolo Golf Venezia.

Regit Hotel Venice

3 star Regit Hotel Venice is located just 4 minute walk from Mestre Train station, a 10 minute train ride from Venice’s historic center.

Biasutti Villa Ada Venice

Biasutti Villa Ada Venice is a three star accommodation within Lido-Venice, housed in a three-storey Venetian Villa, on a quiet street, near to the golden beaches of Lido.

Hotel Olimpia Venice

3 star Hotel Olimpia Venice is set within Venice’s historic center, just 5 minutes walk from Basilica dei Frari, Piazzale Roma, and Grand Canal, the city’s main waterway.

Hotel Torino Venice Italy

Hotel Torino Venice Italy is a three star accommodation within central Venice, only 500 meters walk from Saint Mark’s Square and the most important tourist attractions in the city.

Accademia Hotel Venice

3 star Accademia Hotel Venice is located near the Grand Canal, main waterway in the city, and housed within a historic 17th century villa, with a private garden and a quiet setting within central Venice.

Anastasia Hotel Venice

Located only 300 meters from Saint Mark’s Square, Anastasia Hotel Venice offers comfortable 3 star quality rooms with wireless (Wifi) broadband internet and flat-screen TVs.

Club Hotel Venice Italy

Club Hotel Venice Italy is a modern three star accommodation in Mestre, close to the main motorways in Veneto, and within quick access to Venice’s historic center (with buses departing for the route every 20 minutes).

Hesperia Hotel Venice

3 star Hesperia Hotel Venice has a central location in the city, only a 5 minute walk from S. Lucia train station, set within the quieter Cannaregio sestiere (district), overlooking an idyllic canal.

Scandinavia Hotel Venice Italy

Scandinavia Hotel Venice Italy is set within one of the city’s oldest buildings, now renovated and restored to modern, three star standards and amenities, a short walk from Saint Mark’s Square.

Hotel Ariston Venice

3 star Hotel Ariston Venice is located within Mestre, a 15 minute drive (7 km) from Venice, with 100 meters to the nearest bus stop to take you there.

Alla Giustizia Hotel Venice

Alla Giustizia Hotel Venice is a three star accommodation in Mestre, located in a quiet residential area of the city, only 10 minutes from Venice by car or a public bus.

Antico Moro Hotel Venice

Antico Moro Hotel Venice is set near the edges of Mestre town center, within a renovated 17th century building, with good transportation connections nearby to Venice center.

Al Vivit Hotel Venice

3 star Al Vivit Hotel Venice in Mestre is located at the famous Piazza Ferretto, within pedestrian center of the city, while Venice is just a 10 minute bus ride away.

Hotel Antico Panada Venice Italy

3 star Hotel Antico Panada Venice Italy is located within 2 historic buildings, just 30 meters away from Saint Mark’s Square, the main tourist attraction in Venice.

Alla Giustizia Hotel Venice Italy

Alla Giustizia Hotel Venice Italy is a three star hotel with air conditioned rooms in Mestre, just a 10 minute bus ride from Venice’s historical center.

Castello Hotel Venice Italy

3 star accommodation Castello Hotel Venice Italy has 26 comfortable guest rooms, a summer terrace, on a location just 200 meters from Saint Mark’s Basilica.

Hotel Casanova Venice Italy

3 star Hotel Casanova Venice Italy is centrally located in the city, only 50 meters from Saint Mark’s Square, and 100 meters from Harry’s Bar.

Antico Moro Hotel Venice Italy

Antico Moro Hotel Venice Italy is a three star hotel within Mestre town center, within an ancient 17th century building, with transportation links to Venice nearby.

Al Vivit Hotel Venice Italy

Al Vivit Hotel Venice Italy is a 35 room, three star accommodation in Mestre, in the famous Piazza Ferretto.

Hotel Antico Panada Venice

Hotel Antico Panada Venice is a three star hotel in San Marco sestiere (district), open to guests since 1889.

Hotel Centrale Venice Italy

Three star Hotel Centrale Venice Italy has a location within the heart of Venice’s old town, featuring a range of 100 rooms spread over 5 floors.

Hotel Ariston Venice Italy

Hotel Ariston Venice Italy is a three star accommodation in Mestre, with the nearest bus stop with connections to Venice just 100 meters away.

Hotel Monte Carlo Venice

Three star Hotel Monte Carlo Venice is housed within a 17th century building, just 50 meters from the main tourist attraction in Venice, Saint Mark’s Square.

Nelson Hotel Venice

Three star Nelson Hotel Venice, located just 50 meters from a private beach in Jesolo, is open from mid-February to the end of October each year.

Doge Hotel Venice

Three star Doge Hotel Venice is set within a characteristic neighborhood of Santa Croce, a short walk from to the Papadopoli Park and Piazzale Roma car terminus.