Ajaccio Bus and Harbor Terminal

Ajaccio bus and harbor terminal offers ferry connections to Italy and France, as well as bus routes to villages within Corsica.

Terminal Maritime et Routier d’Ajaccio has ferry connections to Italy & France via two ferry companies…

  • Corsica Sardinia Ferries (www.corsica-ferries.co.uk) and
  • SNCM Ferries (www.sncm.fr).

In fact, Ajaccio is the most important harbour for maritime passenger and freight traffic on the western side of the island of Corsica.

Of the ferry companies, Corsica Ferries has connections between Ajaccio and Nice, as well as the route Ajaccio-Toulon, with the traveling time being around six hours.

MAP: Map view of the terminal. The bus and harbor terminal has long-term and short-term parking space available, located next to the terminal building.

SNCM Ferries, on the other hand, operates several routes, including the route from Ajaccio to Marseille, Toulon, and Nice, as well as to the village of Porto Torres in Sardinia.

Of these, the most frequent departures are for the route to and from Marseille.

Within the building itself, you can only find automates, offering cold drinks and snacks, but within the immediate environment, you can find several good restaurant to enjoy a full meal.

Generally speaking, almost all of the ferries departing from Ajaccio have good selections of restaurants, with a typical choices on-board including restaurants, cafes, and shops.


Ajaccio bus and harbor terminal

PHOTO: A view to the city’s modern bus and harbor terminal complex, in French “Terminal Maritime et Routier d’Ajaccio”, located next door to the Palais des Congrès event center.

A massive anchor in front of Ajaccio harbor terminal

PHOTO: A massive anchor in front of the harbor terminal.

A good way to see the available bus routes from Ajaccio to other parts of Corsica is to familiarize yourself with the unofficial online bus (and train) timetable website, located at www.corsicabus.org.

Some of the available destinations for buses from Ajaccio include Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio, Corte, Bastia, Porticcio, Mare Sol, and Porto.