Salon Napoleonien

Salon Napoleonien Ajaccio France

Salon Napoleonien in Ajaccio is a museum (open since 1830) within the city hall, showcasing events and successes from Napoleon Bonaparte’s life. The museum building, the city hall, Hôtel de…

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Saint Roch Church

Saint Roch church Ajaccio France

Saint Roch church in Ajaccio is a Neoclassical architecture style building from 1897. Building the Church of Saint-Roch within Cours Napoleon, in central Ajaccio, became of current interest when the districts…

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Musée Fesch

Musee Fesch Ajaccio France

Musée Fesch, located within the Palais Fesch in Ajaccio, offers a collection of 14th – 19th century European art. The museum exhibits a vast collection of art, collected by Cardinal…

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Maison Bonaparte

Maison natale de Napoleon Ajaccio France

Maison Bonaparte, Napoleon’s birthplace in Ajaccio, is a four-story, centrally located museum building, documenting Bonaparte family’s life in Corsica. The Napoleon family originally moved to the island of Corsica from…

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