Salon Napoleonien

Salon Napoleonien in Ajaccio is a museum (open since 1830) within the city hall, showcasing events and successes from Napoleon Bonaparte’s life.

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Musée Fesch

Musée Fesch, located within the Palais Fesch in Ajaccio, offers a collection of 14th – 19th century European art.

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Maison Bonaparte

Maison Bonaparte, Napoleon’s birthplace in Ajaccio, is a four-story, centrally located museum building, documenting Bonaparte family’s life in Corsica.

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Hotels in Ajaccio

Among the choices for hotels in Ajaccio include Hôtel Napoléon, Relais Mercure, as well as Hôtel Castel Vecchi.

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Grotte Napoleon

Grotte Napoleon is a monument in Ajaccio, build to honor Ajaccio-born Emperor Napoleon, at a location, where the young Napoleon used to hide into a nearby cave.

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