Torre Monumental

Torre monumental in Buenos Aires is the city’s historical clocktower, a gift to the city by its British residents in 1916.

The clocktower, which was called, up to 1982, as … Jatka lukemista →

Tango in Buenos Aires

You can experience tango in Buenos Aires with, for example, visiting an Argentinian tango show, tango restaurants, and shopping for tango souvenirs & local tango music.

Argentinian tango, which is … Jatka lukemista →

Starbucks in Buenos Aires

A look into the Starbucks in Buenos Aires, locations and services, offering popular cafes throughout the city, mostly near the most famous landmarks and tourist attractions.

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Galerias Pacifico

Galerias Pacifico mall in Buenos Aires is located within Florida pedestrian street, operating out of beautiful, 1889 Beaux Arts building.

The shopping center was designed by architects Emilio Agrelo and … Jatka lukemista →