Austria Tourist Attractions

Austria tourist attractions include Vienna’s Hofburg Imperial Palace, Mozart’s birthplace in Salzburg, Innsbruck’s Old Town, Graz Museum of Art, and Feldkirch/Liechtenstein.

Vienna’s Hofburg Imperial Palace ( is one of the most impressive palace complexes in the world.

It was once the official residence to Austro-Hungarian Empire’s ruling family, the Habsburgs, with, for example, Marie Antoinette born here.

The sizable palace area fits several museums and important institutions, such as the

  • Naturhistorisches Museum & Kunsthistorisches Museum,
  • Imperial Library,
  • National Theatre, as well as
  • a riding school with stables.

Mozart’s birthplace in Salzburg, meanwhile, is part of the Salzburg legend of Mozart, which can be found, in fact, all over the city, including

  • Mozart Square,
  • Mozart (pedestrian) bridge ,
  • WA Mozart Airport, and
  • Mozarteum Salzburg orchestra.

The birthplace is located in Salzburg’s old town (which is part of the UNESCO world heritage list), at Getreidegasse 9, along Salzburg’s famous Medieval shopping street.

Innsbruck (, the capital of the Austrian Province of Tyrol, is surrounded by majestic Austrian Alps.

Its old town is the among the most beautiful parts of historic Tyrol, and features:

  • a number of important museums, as well as
  • churches and buildings, such as the Hofkirche church, Kaiserliche Hofburg Palace, and Ambras Castle Museum.

A visit to Innsbruck is easy to combine with winter sports, thanks to the surrounding Alps and alpine ski resorts within them, but also with mountain-biking or walking, in the summer.

Graz Museum of Art (Kunsthaus Graz, is part of the cultural services in this second largest city in Austria.

Even though the city is best known for its old town (also part of UNESCO’s world heritage list), but since the  Graz Art Museum was completed in 2003, it has become a new architectural icon for the city.

The museum exhibits specializes especially in the the last four decades of contemporary art.

In addition to seeing the art exhibitions during the day, the museum’s special lighting, as the night falls, is very special and part of the museum’s modern charm.

Of the Austria tourist attractions, Feldkirch (, one of the westernmost cities in Austria, is located on the national border between Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

Feldkirchen’s charm consists of its location, in the middle of the Alps, its medieval architecture, but also of the fact, that you can easily combined a visit to the city with a visit to the nearby Liechtenstein.

State of Liechtenstein ( is a charming relic of the historic Holy Roman Empire, and a visit to the city-state is easy to combine with, say, cycling, as Liechtenstein has around 90 km of marked cycling paths, which mostly pass through some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.