BMW Museum

BMW Museum is located next door to the car company’s headquarters, providing an exhibition about the car manufacturer’s history.

The museum provides details into the car manufacturer’s background as a company, especially to the way BMW has changed through technological changes and advances.

BMW Museum Munich Germany

PHOTO: The silver-colored museum building (located close to the BMW Welt complex) was completed in 1972, just in time for the opening of the Munich Summer Olympics.

BMW Vierzylinder Munich Germany

PHOTO: BMW Vierzylinder (“BMW Four Cylinder”) skyscraper, from 1972, is located just a stone’s throw from the museum. This skyscraper is the global headquarters of BMW, and also one of the best known landmarks in Munich.

At the museum of BMW, you’ll be able to browse through a collection of objects and products related to the car manufacturer’s history, including…

  • motors and engines,
  • history of turbines,
  • BMW airplanes,
  • motorcycles made by the company, and
  • automobiles (many which were never mass manufactured).

Among the most fun parts of the exhibition are the BMW concept cars, which cover a design period of the last 20 years.

BMW Museum

Address: Am Olympiapark 2, 80809 Munich, Germany
Official website:

When you tour the museum, you’ll walk the museum from down to the top, through a spiral walkway, with the tour ending at a small theater and interactive exhibitions…

…where you can use the available multimedia to learn more about BMW’s car technologies.

Today, museum of BMW is the third most popular tourist attraction in Munich, after more centrally located Deutsches Museum and Pinakothek der Moderne.