BMW Welt

BMW Welt (“BMW World“) is a multi-use venue for the Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, where visitors get to know and experience the company’s current production cars.

Welt-complex is, in fact, also a distribution center for BMW cars, and many consider it the best location to receive your BMW…

…as you’ll be able to enjoy custom-made customer experiences, to go with taking a delivery of the car itself.

BMW Welt Munich Germany

PHOTO: The futuristic BMW World building is from 2007, located next door to the BMW Museum, and close to the Munich Olympiaturm.

VIDEO: A video of a light-show of the BMW museum, Welt-complex, and the BMW headquarters (BMW Vierzylinder skyscraper), taken on the introduction day for BMW-i series cars.

In addition to…

  • offering car exhibitions,
  • providing visitor experiences, and
  • for being a car distribution center…

…the Welt-center also organizes BMW-related events and conferences.

BMW Welt

Address: Am Olympiapark 1, 80809 Munich, Germany
Official website:

As you visit the place, you’ll also be able to purchase BMW products from the center’s BMW shops, and have a meal at the buiding’s fine dining restaurant.