Bratislava Attractions

Best Bratislava attractions include Blue Church of Bratislava, Bratislava Castle, Primate’s Palace, cruise on the Danube river, and Obchodná ulica (shopping street).

Of these, Blue Church of Bratislava, officially St. Elisabeth’s Church, is an Art Nouveau style Catholic church within Bratislava’s Old Town district.

The name “Blue Church” comes from the color of the church’s facade, its mosaics, and the blue toned roof structure, which all create a “decorated cake” look of beauty.

The church, completed in 1908, is also well-known for having richly decorated altarpieces.

Bratislava Castle, meanwhile, is a massive fortress located on a rocky hill within Little Carpathian mountains, directly above Danube river.

The fortress was build over several centuries from the 9th century onwards, which is why you can find evidence of several different architectural styles within the church, but especially of Baroque andRenaissance styles.

Today, the castle is premises for an exhibition that is part of the Slovak National Museum’s services.

Bratislava castle is also great place for panoramic views to the city, with, in good weather, you can see as far as even to the Austrian and Hungarian sides of the border.

Primate’s Palace is a neoclassical building in Bratislava’s Old Town.

The palace and its most famous chamber, the Mirror Hall, have played an important role in several important events in Slovakia’s history.

Perhaps the most important of these events was the signing of Pressburg Peace at the palace, which ended the war of the Third Coalition.

Currently, the palace houses Bratislava City Gallery’s collections, whose highlight are the English tapestries from 17th century.

Bratislava attractions also include a river cruise on the Danube, which are available (with special sightseeing boats) from spring up to autumn.

Typical routes for these cruises tour the highlights within Bratislava, but you can also participate in longer Danude sightseeing cruises, all the way to Vienna (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary).

VIDEO: Twin Cityliner promotional video.

There is also a a Danube speedboat service between Bratislava and Vienna, from Twin Cityliner (

The speedboat will take you between the two capital cities in an hour and 15 minutes.