Bremen Attractions

Bremen attractions include Marktplatz, Schnoor district, the medieval harbor of Schlachte, Universum Science Center, and the Böttcherstraße.

Marktplatz square, and the area surrounding it in Bremen’s Old Town, is the most famous district in the city, containing…

  • Bremen City Hall,
  • Cathedral of Bremen, and
  • Houses of Parliament.

Of these, among the most impressive buildings is the Bremen City Hall(, one of the most important brick Gothic architecture buildings in Europe, and today, also part of the UNESCO world heritage list.

In front of the City Hall, you can also find a statue of Roland, the patron of Bremen, from 1404.

VIDEO: Tour of Bremen City Hall.

VIDEO: Presentation of Bremen’s Roland statue.

One of the Markenplatz buildings is the Bremen Cathedral(, build from 11th to 13th century.

Highlights at the church include a church museum on the southwestern chapel, and historical mummies within glass caskets.

VIDEO: A tour of the Bremen Cathedral.

Schnoor district, meanwhile, is located in the area between the Bremen Cathedral and the river.

Schnoor is a well-preserved section of the city, from 18th and 19th centuries, featuring old fishermen’s and seafarers’ houses, now containing…

  • cafes,
  • shops selling artisan crafts, and
  • art galleries.

Bremen’s historical position as a wealthy Hanseatic city, in fact, has its origins at the Schnoor district.

One of the most famous houses at the district is Schifferhaus (“The Captain’s House“) ( located on Stavendamm street.

Medieval Bremen Schlachte port (, on the other hand, features today a popular riverside boulevard.

Name for the port, “Schlachte” (“The Battle”), dates back to the difficulties that Medieval merchants had, when trying to import goods through the Weser river to Bremen.

Bremen’s new port is located a few kilometers downstream.

Universum Science Center ( is a modern science museum, where visitors are invited to participate and interact with most of the 250 scientific displays.

The museum building itself, in fact, is one of the more peculiar buildings in the world, reminiscent of a metallic combination of a shellfish and a whale.

Finally, Böttcherstraße ( is located just south of Markplatz.

The street is famous for its facade, which local coffee magnate Ludwig Roselius had rebuilt in the 1920s by local artists…

…into a combination of Gothic, Expressionist, and Art Nouveau styles.

Today, the street features arts and crafts shops, bars, restaurants, stores, and Bremen Casino & Hotel.