Brunnenbuberl Munich

Brunnenbuberl Munich is one of the most beloved monuments in the city, with a history of controversy stemming from the time when it was revealed to the public, back in 1895.

The Art Nouveau artwork, located next to a Karstadt department store in central Munich, is a representation of an old satyr, spitting water at a young boy, who, at the same time, is sprouting water at the satyr.

Brunnenbuberl Munich Germany

PHOTO: A view to Brunnenbuberl (“Fountainboy” in English), located at Neuhauser Strasse 20, Munich, close to the Karlstor.

A design by a local sculptor Matthias Gasteiger, the statue, when revealed to the public in 1895, caused such a controversy due to its nudity…

…that even Prince-Regent Luitpold asked the artist to add a fig leaf to the artwork.

However, despite pleadings from the public and the royal request, Gasteiger refused to modify the monument, leaving as it were.


Neuhauser Straße 20, 80331 Munich, Germany

As an artist, Gasteiger got more respect outside of his country, winning, for example, a major international sculpture competition in Paris.

With time, even his local critics warmed to the monument’s value, and today, it is one of the most beloved public artworks in the Munich.