Budapest Tourist Attractions

Budapest tourist attractions include Buda fortress, the Hungarian Parliament building, Danube Promenade, Andrássy Avenue, and the Central Market Hall.

The majestic Buda castle is perhaps the most important landmark in Budapest.

Through the ages, the place has been the administrative center for the kings of Hungary, which is why it has historically also been called the King’s castle.

Buda castle is located on the southern tip of the Castle Hill, an area full of charming Medieval, Baroque, and 19th century houses and public buildings.

Today, the fortress buildings contain, for example…

  • Budapest History Museum,
  • National Széchényi Library, and
  • Hungarian National Gallery.

VIDEO: Tour of Buda castle.

VIDEO: Tour of Buda castle’s Budavári Siklo funicular railway, connecting Adam Clark Square to the Széchenyi bridge.

Hungarian Parliament building, meanwhile, which was build with London’s Palace of Westminster as an inspiration, is located right next to the Danube river.

Tours to the Parliament building are available during times, when the Hungarian Parliament is not in session.

Highlights in the building include…

  • Holy Crown and Scepter of Hungary,
  • Kossuth Memorial, and
  • a statue of Attila József.

Danube Promenade is located on the Pest side of the city, following the Danube river.

The promenade is one of the most important streets in Budapest, from which you’ll find restaurants, specialty shops, and major landmarks.

Danube Promenade highlights include…

  • Széchenyi bridge,
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
  • Gresham-Palota Palace, and
  • Vigadó concert hall.

Andrássy Avenue, on the other hand, is listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, flanked by, for example, a collection of magnificent Renaissance Revival palaces.

Among the avenue highlights are…

  • Pest Broadway theaters,
  • Hungarian State Opera House, and
  • Heroes’ Square (Hosök tere).

Finally, Central Market Hall (, a design by Samu Peczin, is the largest indoor marketplace in Hungary.

Its a good idea to include a visit to the marketplace towards the end of your holiday in Budapest, as the Central Market Hall has a great variety of Hungarian products suitable as souvenirs…

…including art pictures of the city, Hungarian dolls, local glassware, table cloths, Budapest-made clothing, as well as stylish chessboards.