Buenos Aires Sightseeing Tours

Buenos Aires sightseeing tours to the main tourist attractions are available from, for example, Buenos Aires Bus company, and as free tours from the city’s tourist board (Buenos Aires City Tourism Office).

Of these alternatives, the free Buenos Aires City Tourism Office sightseeing tours are mostly offered in Spanish, which there are few tours also featuring English guidance.

Information about these free sightseeing tours to the city’s highlights are available from the many Buenos Aires Visitor Information kiosk’s throughout the region, of which the most popular one is at the corner of Diagonal Norte and Calle Florida.

Buenos Aires sightseeing bus tour

PHOTO: Buenos Aires Bus company’s sightseeing tour bus at stop lights along Avenida Mayo.

Buenos Aires City Tourist Office Florida Diagonal Norte

PHOTO: Buenos Aires Visitor Information kiosk at the corner of Florida and Diagonal Norte streets, from where you can purchase, among other things, tickets to Buenos Aires sightseeing tours.

In addition to the free sightseeing tours, you can also tour the city’s main attractions with the Buenos Aires Bus (www.buenosairesbus.com), operating by a system of “Hop On Hop Off”, where you can get off the bus, and get back on according to your own schedule, within the time limit on your bus ticket.

Buenos Aires Bus sightseeing tour buses, which depart to the route every 20 minutes, make their journey from 8:40am to 7pm, with one whole trip (20 stops) taking about 3 hours and 15 minutes.

The route with English guidance goes via the following stops:

Departure point: FLORIDA | Diagonal Norte and Florida
Stop 1: PLAZA DE MAYO | Rivadavia and San Martín
Stop 2: PLAZA CONGRESO | Rivadavia and Montevideo
Stop 3: SAN TELMO | Avenida Paseo Colón and Av. Independencia
Stop 4: ESTADIO BOCA JUNIORS | Brandsen 805
Stop 5: EL ESTAÑO 1880 | A. de Valle and Hernandarias
Stop 6: CAMINITO | Avenida Pedro de Mendoza between Magallanes and Rocha
Stop 7: MADERO ESTE | Elvira Rawson de Dellepiane and Julieta Lanter
Stop 8: PUERTO MADERO | Juana Manso and Macacha Güemes
Stop 9: GALERÍAS | Av. Córdoba between San Martín and Florida
Stop 10: PLAZA SAN MARTÍN | San Martín and Florida
Stop 11: MALBA | Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3400
Stop 12: PALERMO ROSEDAL | Av. Sarmiento between Av. Figueroa Alcorta and Av. Del Libertador
Stop 13: CAMPO ARGENTINO DE POLO | Av. Del Libertador 4400
Stop 14: EL SOLAR | Av. Luis María Campos between Maure and Gorostiaga
Stop 15: BARRIO CHINO | Juramento and 11 de Septiembre
Stop 16: MUSEO LARRETA | Av. Juramento and Vuelta de Obligado
Stop 17: JARDÍN ZOOLÓGICO | Av. Del Libertador and Av. Sarmiento
Stop 18: RECOLETA | Av. Del Libertador and Av. Pueyrredón
Stop 19: AVENIDA ALVEAR | Av. Alvear between Av. Callao and Rodríguez Peña
Stop 20: TEATRO COLÓN | Cerrito between Viamonte and Córdoba
Final stop: FLORIDA | Diagonal Norte and Florida