Cheap Air Baltic Flights Helsinki Vienna

Cheap Air Baltic flights Helsinki Vienna are one of the most popular ways to get from Finland to the capital of Austria.

Air Baltic flights to Vienna are available from Finland from at least the cities of Helsinki (the capital city), Turku, Tampere, Rovaniemi, Oulu, Lappeenranta, and Kuopio, all with a stop at Riga, the capital of Latvia.

In addition to these options, you can take a short ferry ride (1.5 hours at the minimum during the summertime) to Tallinn from Helsinki, from where you can fly with Air Baltic towards Vienna, if this option is cheaper, for example.

Air Baltic, officially ‘AirBaltic’ is a national air carrier for the country of Latvia, established by SAS (airline) and the Latvian state in 1995, but nowadays the company is entirely owned by Latvians.

airBaltic 737-300 Wienin lentokenttä

PHOTO: Air Baltic airlines’ 737-300 airplane at its gate at the airport of Vienna.

Since it was established in 1995, the company has quickly grown its market share, especially for intra-European air traffic. As an example of this growth, during 2010, over 3 million customers flew with the airline.

From Finland, AirBaltic offers (via Riga) an opportunity to fly to a total of 80 different destinations, in addition to Vienna.

One of the most important reasons why the airline has grown its market share in European routes, such as cheap Air Baltic flights Helsinki Vienna, is the price, as the company primarily operates as a so-called “budget airline”, providing some of the cheapest fares for the routes it operates.

Another budget airline that you can use to fly cheaply from Finland to Vienna is Air Berlin (, which flies from Helsinki to Vienna, with a stop at one of the airports at German airports (usually either Dusseldorf or Berlin – Tegel airports).

Air Baltic showcases their full range of prices and timetables through the official website at, available in languages including English, Finnish, German, Lithuanian, Russian, Estonian, Latvian, and Swedish.