Cheap Hotels in Paris

Tips on how to find cheap hotels in Paris and a description of the cheapest alternatives, including Formule 1 hotels.

Paris has over 1,450 hotels, and finding the cheapest ones from such a large selection can take a lot of time and effort.

However, with a few online price comparison tools, such as Kayak (, you can see a large selection of available hotels…

…arranged from the cheapest to the most expensive.

However, the downside with many of these services is that not all of the cheapest hotels participate in the services…so you might find even cheaper rooms by doing more research.

For Paris, it is also a good idea to read through some of the reviews that previous guests have provided of your chosen hotel.

My favorite places to read guest reviews are and

Formule 1

Formule 1 budget hotel chain has a total of 7 locations in Paris:

  • Formule 1 Saint Denis centre Basilique
  • Formule 1 Gennevilliers Asnières
  • Formule 1 Saint Denis Stade
  • Formule 1 Roissy Aéroport CDG PN 2
  • Formule 1 Paris Porte de Saint Ouen
  • Formule 1 Paris Porte de Montreuil
  • Formule 1 Paris Porte de Châtillon

The idea behind the hotel chain is to offer bottom-priced hotel rooms, with no-frills services and facilities.

The rooms typically have a double bed, washing basin and a mirror, a corner table, as well as a TV, with national French channels and Canal+ & Sports+.

A toilet and the washing facilities are typically shared, and located on the corridor, right next to the rooms.

Ibis Budget Hotel

Ibis Budget Hotel chain is owned by the same group (Accor Hotels) as Formule 1, but offers one level better facilities, at a slightly higher price point.

The chain has a total of 20 hotels in Paris. Their rooms are equipped with double beds, a work desk and chair, air conditioning, television, and radio.

Each of the rooms, unlike with Formule 1, has en suite bathroom and WC.

Première Classe

This budget hotel chain in France and Paris is part of Louvre Hotel Group, which also owns the no-frills hotels chain Kyriad.

In terms of prices, Première Classe is not too far from Formule 1 or Ibis Budget Hotels…

…but their hotels are typically located a bit farther on the suburbs, about 6 km – 9 km from central Paris.

The chain has a total of 2 cheap hotels in Paris.

The hotel within Drancy is convenient for CDG airport, while the other, in Montreuil, is located between the airports of Orly and CDG.