Cologne Attractions

Cologne attractions include the Cathedral of Cologne, KölnTriangle skyscraper, Römisch-Germanisches Museum, Rheinseilbahn cable car over the Rhine river, and Hohestrasse shopping street.

Cologne Cathedral (, one of the most important landmarks of Christianity and churches in the world, is built in the Gothic architecture style, and dedicated to St. Peter and Virgin Mary.

Construction of the church began in 1248, with the building being completed in 1880, some six hundred years later.

The building was the world’s tallest structure from 1880-1884, before the Washington Monument was completed, in the United States.

Highlights at the church include its treasure room and a visit to the church tower.

The tower has an observation platform at the height of 98 meters (321 ft), to which you can climb up, using the spiral staircase (that has 509 steps in total).

KölnTriangle skyscraper’s observation deck, meanwhile, on the building’s 29th floor, with amazing panoramic views, is located directly opposite Cologne Cathedral and its tower.

All in all, the 103 meter tall KölnTriangle contains 29 floors, with the public observation deck accessible with an elevator.

A visit to this round, modern skyscraper is easy to combine with dining out, as there are two restaurants, l’Orange, and Mongo’s, within the ground floor.

Römisch-Germanisches Museum (, on the other hand, is an important archaeological museum, which showcases ancient Roman antiquities…

…from ancient Roman population center of “Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium“, from which the current city of Cologne grew out of, since 38 BC.

The museum itself is located within an archaeological site, over the ruins of an ancient Roman villa. Actually, you can see, on the the museum’s basement level,  original Dionysus mosaics from that ancient building.

The museum contains collections from ancient Roman way of life, with highlights including Roman glass artworks, the collection of its kind in the world, in fact.

Of Cologne attractions, Rheinseilbahn cable car over Rhine river ( is one way to see the most beautiful districts of Cologne from an unique viewpoint…

…from a cable car ride that connects both banks of the Rhine river.

The cable car, which is located right next to the Zoobrücke bridge, has been transporting passengers since 1957.

During the ride from one side to the other, you’ll a stunning panorama of the city, with the ride being especially popular as a romantic thing to do, during the sunset.

Finally, Hohe Strasse shopping street is the main commercial street in Cologne, together with the adjacent Schildergasse.

Of the two, Hohe Strasse offers a more pleasant afternoon stroll, as it is entirely a pedestrian street.

Along Hohe Strasse, you can find department stores, trendy boutiques, and shops for worldwide brands.

Since the ancient Roman times, Hohe Strasse has been one of the main through-ways in the city, originally under the name “cardo maximus“.