Deutsches Museum Munich

Deutsches Museum Munich is the world’s biggest science and technology museum, offering about 28,000 exhibition objects from 50 areas of science and technology.

The museum, whose name in its entirety translates as the German Museum of Scientific and Technological Masterworks, was established in 1903, from the original initiative of Oskar von Miller.

Deutsches Museum main buildings are located on their own island within Isar-river.

However, since 2003, the museum has had two major side-museums within the city, one of which is the “Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum”, showcasing the history of automotives and railroads, and located within the district of Theresienhöhe.

The other is the “Flugwerft Schleißheim” (, located around 18 km from the city center, near Schleissheim palatial complex. The museum is within one of the first German military airports, and showcases exhibitions about the history of aviation.

Deutsches Museum Munich Germany

PHOTO: A view to the Deutsches Museum buildings, which offer a total of 47,000 m2 of exhibition space. The most famous architectural detail in the museum is its tower, pictured, where a modern meteorological research center currently functions.

Deutsches Museum Museuminsel Munich Germany

PHOTO: Deutsches Museum is located on its own “Museuminsel” island, to which you can go to using, for example, the pictured bridge. The statue on the left side of the picture is of Otto von Bismarck (, the first chancellor for the unified Germany (1871–1890).

Deutsches Museum entrance in Munich Germany

PHOTO: The actual museum entrance is from the inner courtyard, through the impressive tower portal, pictured above.

The museum collections cover 50 scientific and technological fields on an area of over 47,000 square meters, with an opportunity for the visitor to learn and experience how science has developed through time to its current form.

Because the area is so vast, an exhibit guide, which are available from the museum and the museum shop, could be useful acquisition, in order to use your time efficiently, seeing the most interesting parts of the museum.

You can plan your visit to the museum also through the official museum website, located at, which has, among other things, a free museum map.

Deutsches Museum features a snack-bar on the entrance level, a restaurant on the first floor, “Zwischenlandung”-cafe on the second floor, as well as an internet cafe on the third museum level.

Deutsches Museum Shop (, meanwhile, sells different types of museum guides, catalogs, books published by the museum, and literary works about the history of science and technology, as well as technical toys.