Donauturm (‘Danube Tower’) is a media tower and a sightseeing platform in Vienna, and the 2nd tallest building in Austria.

The tower, located within the modern ‘Danube City’ district, was completed in 1964.

At 252 meters (826 ft) in height, it is today one of the world’s 65 tallest buildings.

The most popular highligh at the tower is its observation platform.

From the tower, sights that you’ll be able to see include…

  • Vienna’s historical center,
  • Danube river (flowing close to the tower),
  • United Nation’s UNO-City buildings,
  • Millennium City (shopping center), and
  • Vienna Science and Technology Center.

Donauturm Vienna Austria

PHOTO: Danube Tower, as seen from Donaupark.

Tech Gate Vienna Donau City Austria

PHOTO: From the closest subway station, the walking route to the Danube Tower goes through Vienna’s ‘Donau City’, a purpose-built technology and science center with modern skyscrapers…including the pictured ‘Tech Gate Vienna’ (

Andromeda Tower Donau City Vienna Austria

PHOTO: Another magnificent skyscraper at the Danube City and its Science and Technology Center: ‘Andromeda Tower’.

Around Danube Tower, you’ll find ‘Donaupark’, a vast park where its nice to have a relaxing afternoon walk after a visit to the tourist attraction.

The tower is best known for its observation platform, located at 150 meters’ (492 ft) height.

At the observation platform, you’ll be abe to use the availablebinoculars, to take a closer look on points of interest in the panorama.

There are three restaurants within Danube Tower, two of them up on the tower:

  • Panorama“, a revolving restaurant serving Viennese cuisine, and
  • Donauwalzer“, located one floor up from “Panorama”.

You can also purchase Viennese pastries and drinks from the Danube Tower cafe.


Address: Donauturmstrasse 4, 1220 Vienna, Austria
Official website:

Within the base of the tower, there is a third restaurant, ‘Spoons‘ (, which features a popular summer terrace.

To get to the Danube Tower, one way is to take the U-Bahn subway (line U1), with the closest exit being at “Kaisermühlen — Vienna International Centre“.