Dusseldorf Attractions

Dusseldorf attractions include Altstadt, Schloss Benrath, Königsallee shopping street, Düsseldorf-Hafen district, and the Rhine Tower.

Dusseldorf Altstadt (duesseldorf-altstadt.de), the city’s Old Town, is not only Dusseldorf’s historic center, but also today’s center for entertainment and nightlife.

Locals often call the old city “longest bar in the world” (“längste Theke der Welt“), due to the area having over 300 bars, discos, and nightclubs.

VIDEO: Tour of Dusseldorf’s old town.

The most notable landmarks at the Old Town include…

  • Basilica of St. Lambertus,
  • Dusseldorf old city hall (Rathaus), and
  • Schlossturm, currently used as a maritime museum.

Schloss Benrath (www.schloss-benrath.de) is a Rococo palace, completed in 1770, and today, considered one of the best representative palaces of the Rococo style.

The main building of the palace houses a museum, Corps de Logis Museum, with exhibitions about the history of the palace.

You can participate in a guided tour, which is one of the best ways to grasp the way people lived in the building during the 18th century.

Often, there are even special, themed tours to the Schloss Benrath, historically with such themes as…

  • “Life of the Palace Servants”,
  • “Court’s Table Manners”, and
  • “Court’s Hunting Methods”.

Of the other palace buildings, the eastern wing contains a European Garden Art Museum, while the west wing has the Museum of Natural History.

Königsallee shopping street (locally nicknamed simply ““), is one of the main commercial streets in the world, through which flows an idyllic canal, making the area also popular recreational place.

The boulevard was designed by Caspar Anton Huschberger, and it was completed in 1802.

There are stores on both sides of the Königsallee channel, from Karl-Theodor-Straße up to Landskrone.

Best known names that have boutiques here include:

  • Cartier, Lacoste, Jil Sander,
  • Gucci, Armani, Chanel,
  • Hugo Boss, Joop, and Prada.

Of the Dusseldorf attractions, Düsseldorf-Hafen district, meanwhile, includes the city’s modern port, and the area has become world-famous for its post-modern buildings.

The most famous of these buildings are the three Frank Gehry designed “twisted” buildings.

Rhine Tower (duesseldorf.de/rheinturm), a 240.5 meter (789 ft) tall media tower, which is easy to combine with a visit to the Dusseldorf Hafen area, as the tower is located right next to the place.

VIDEO: Tour of the Rhine tower.

The tower, in fact, is the tallest building in Dusseldorf, and among the more dominant and famous structures in the city’s skyline.

You can combine a visit to the tower to dining out, as the structure has a revolving restaurant and an observation platform at the altitude of 170 meters (558 ft), with stunning panoramic views over the most beautiful districts of Dusseldorf.