Facilities of Venice Port

Look into the available facilities of Venice port, within the ‘Port Marittima‘ cruise terminals.

As you come into Venice with a cruise line, the terminals are very close to the historic city center, just a three minute drive on the land funicular, ‘People Mover’.

People Mover station, which connects the port facilities to Piazzale Roma (Venice’s car terminus) and the S. Lucia train station, is located right outside Port Marittima entrance.

Venice Port People Mover

PHOTO: Venice People Mover land funicular, which travels the route: Tronchetto – Port Marittima – Piazzale Roma.

If your cruise liner is berthed at a terminal a bit removed from the People Mover station (there are 5 terminals at Venice Port Marittima), you can use the available ‘Azienda Servizi Mobilità’ terminal shuttle service to get there.

The port’s facilities also include a departure point for water shuttles, operated by Alilaguna.

Alilaguna water shuttles depart — to the route Port Marittima – St Mark’s Square — every 20 minutes.

If you are using your own car to come to the port area, there is parking space available, at the car depot areas, for up to 40 buses and 2084 cars.

In-Terminal Port Facilities

Inside the terminal, the facilities range from official Port Marittima tourism information desks to ATMs and Duty Free.

To leave your luggage for a temporary deposit at the port, you can use the ‘Left Luggage’ service, available on the ground floors of Terminal 103, 107, 117, Terminal 1 Isonzo, Terminal 2 Isonzo, and S. Basilio.

These luggage storage depots are available, however, only during the days when cruise liners are embarking (and disembarking) passengers.

You can also get your luggage transferred by a porter, with the ‘Portabagagli del Porto di Venezia‘ (Portabagaglidelporto.it) service from the port terminals:

  • to Santa Lucia train station, and
  • to hotels in Venice.

If you’re unsure about anything related to your stay in Venice, you can use the port’s information points (at arrival and departure areas) to ask questions from the hostesses available there…

…from information regarding Venice sights, to transportation & transfers, and current events or exhibitions, to a complimentary Venice map.

Italy/Venice uses Euros as a currency, and you can draw Euro notes from the port ATMs, located on the first floor of Terminal 107/108 (near the terminals cafeteria).

For using some of that cash within the terminals, services include:

  • Snacks & drinks: cafes, bars, and vending machines are (in the arrivals and departures areas),
  • Newsstands: near arrivals at Terminal 107 and Isonzo 1,
  • Duty free: for departing passengers at Terminal 103, 107/108, 117, Terminal 1 Isonzo, Terminal 2 Isonzo and S. Basilio, and
  • Public phones.

Finally, for medical emergencies, ‘First Aid Service’ (with a doctor & ambulance) facilities of Venice port, located within building 248. This service is only available, however, when ships embark and disembark passengers.