Floralis Generica Buenos Aires

Floralis Generica Buenos Aires is a massive, steel and aluminum – flower resembling – moving monument at the center of the Plaza de las Naciones Unidas park.

The monument was a gift to the city of Buenos Aires by the Argentinian architect Eduardo Catalan, and it was revealed to the public in 2002.

According to Catalano, the monument, whose flower petals close up during the evening sunset, and open as sun rises, is a synthesis artwork of all the world’s flowers, and an indication of that hope, which is reborn with every morning.

Floralis Generica Plaza de las Naciones Unidas Buenos Aires Argentina

PHOTO: An overview of the Floralis Genérica monument, as seen from the Avenida Figueroa Alcorta side of the Plaza de las Naciones Unidas park.

Floralis Generica Buenos Aires Argentina

PHOTO: A closeup of the Floraris Generica, surrounded by a reflecting, round pool of water.

Floralis Generica in Buenos Aires Argentina

PHOTO: A night photo of the extraordinarily illuminated monument, with the flower petals closed. On four special days each year (25th of May, 21st of September, 24th of December, and 31st of December), the flower petals remain open even through the night.

The 23-meter-tall sculpture artwork is located at the center of the 1.6 hectare Plaza de las Naciones Unidas park, surrounded by walking routes, along which you get different types of interesting viewpoints to the monument.

Floralis Generica has been build on top of a reflecting pool of water. The water pool acts as both a part of the esthetic whole in the artwork, as well as a shielding element, protecting the sculpture from vandalism.

The 18-ton heavy monument depicts a six petaled, upwards opening flower, externally build out of stainless steel, with the skeleton of the artwork made out of aluminum and strengthened concrete.

One of the most interesting details of the Floralis Generica is the fact that the automatic electronic engine inside the artwork closes the flower petals with sunset (in a timetable fitting the season), and opens them every morning at 8am.