Vieux Port Marseille

Fort Saint Jean in Marseille

Vieux Port Marseille is the city’s most significant tourist attraction, and it has been the Marseille’s harbor from the city’s foundation. In fact, Vieux-Port (“Old Harbor” in English) is the…

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Tour Saint Jacques

Tour Saint Jacques in Paris France

The 52-meter tall, Gothic-style Tour Saint Jacques is what remains of the church of Saint-Jacques-la-Boucherie that used to be here. Saint-Jacques-la-Boucherie (“Saint James of the butchery“) church, which Tour Saint-Jacques…

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Subway in Paris

Subway in Paris France

Subway in Paris (Métro de Paris) is the city’s most popular public transportation system, also widely known for having stations with beautiful Art Nouveau architecture. The Paris metro has 16…

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Sorbonne Paris France

Sorbonne Universite de Paris France

Sorbonne Paris France (La Sorbonne) is the common name for the historic university located at Quartier Latin district of Paris. The name “Sorbonne” comes from Collège de Sorbonne, which was…

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Shopping in Paris France

Rue Saint Honore Paris France

A look at shopping in Paris France — the city’s best shopping streets, shopping centers, and department stores around Paris. In addition to the many monuments and tourist attractions, Paris…

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