Saint Severin Paris

Saint Severin Paris is one of the oldest churches in Paris, build during the 11th century, replacing an earlier basilica at the location, which had been destroyed by the Vikings.… Jatka lukemista →

Saint Ferreol les Augustins

Marseille’s Saint Ferréol les Augustins, which is also known as ‘Église des Augustins‘, was historically one of the main churches for the Catholic Augustinians religious order.

Building of … Jatka lukemista →

Saint Etienne du Mont

Learn about Saint Etienne du Mont, the burial church of Saint Geneviève (protector saint of Paris), near Panthéon.

The origins of the Saint-Etienne-du-Mont were in the abbot church from 508 … Jatka lukemista →

Sainte Chapelle Paris

Sainte Chapelle Paris is a Gothic architecture style chapel in central Paris.

The church is best known as the place, where most important holy relics in Christian faith, including the … Jatka lukemista →

Sacre Coeur Paris

Sacre Coeur Paris is a magnificent Catholic basilica and one of the most popular Paris tourist attractions, dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus.

Sacre Coeur, officially “Basilique du Sacré-Cœur”, … Jatka lukemista →

Porte d’Aix

Porte d’Aix Marseille, which is also known as ‘Porte Royale‘, is a triumphal arch from 1839, built to commemorate French military victories.

An idea for the triumphal arch … Jatka lukemista →