Roman Catholic Franziskanerkirche in Salzburg is one of the city’s oldest churches, with one of the interesting things about the church being that it contains highlights in many architecture styles.

The church has been under construction and rebuilding from around 745 AD, which is why it contains details in several architecture styles, but especially Romanesque and late Gothic styles.

On the other hand, leading to the the Romanesque interiors is a wonderful white and red marble western Baroque facade from 1700, one of the examples of how the building has been rebuilt over many historical periods.

Franziskanerkirche Salzburg Austria

PHOTO: The Franciscan church, as seen from the alleyway from Salzburg cathedral leading to the church.

Franziskanerkirche overpass to Franciscan monastery Salzburg Austria

PHOTO: The church is connected to the Franciscan monastery, located on the other side of the street, by the pictured overpass.

There are several great highlights within the church, including an altar from 1710, a design by master-architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach.

Central to the altar, there is an artwork by Michael Pacher, portraying Virgin Mary and the holy child.

Externally, the most significant feature of the church is its church tower, which was built in Gothic style from 1496-98.

One of the church bells, ‘Bell of Virgin Mary‘, is considered a masterwork of Gothic period, and it is used every Friday at 3pm, to the commemorate the mortality of Jesus.