Friedensengel (“Angel of Peace”) is a monument in Munich from 1899, dedicated to the 25 years of peace that followed the Franco-Prussian War.

In addition to commemorating the peace that followed the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, the monument also honors the Bavarian army and its history.

The monument was under construction from 1896, and three years later, in 1899, it was completed and opened with a ceremony.

Its gilded bronze statue is by artists Heinrich Düll, Georg Pezold, and Max Heilmaier, a copy of the famous “Nike des Paionios“.

Friedensengel Munich Germany

PHOTO: The “Peace Angel” monument also features a dolphin fountain (under winter protection in the picture), in addition to the freedom angel statue (on top of a 38 meter (124 ft) tall Corinthian column).

Friedensengel - Freedom Angel Munich Germany

PHOTO: A closeup of the central sculpture, a copy of Nike des Paionios statue by Greek sculptor Mende Paionios, from 420 BC.

Friedensengel base Munich Germany

PHOTO: At the base of the monument, there is a small temple, decorated with gilded mosaics. The pictured mosaic is allegorical to war, while the portrayals on the other sides symbolize peace, victory, and the blessings of culture.

Angel of Peace Munich

Address: Europaplatz 1, 81675 Munich, Germany

The monument is located within Maximiliansanlagen park.

Friedensengel acts as a point de vue for Prinzregentenstrasse, next to the Luitpold bridge, that crosses Isar river.