Fuengirola Attractions

Fuengirola attractions include Sohail fortress, Plaza de Toros bullring, Bioparc Fuengirola Zoo, Fuengirola port, and Mijas Aquapark.

Sohail fortress, built during the Andalusia’s Moorish period, whose name comes from the region’s historical name (“Suhayl“), is located on top of a 38 meter (124 ft) tall hill, next to the Fuengirola river.

The fortress, built by Caliph Abd-ar-Rahman III in the late 10th century (and under renovations since 1995), is today a cultural and festival center, where, for example, the annual Fuengirola City Festival is held.

Highlights of the fortress include…

  • fortress towers, and
  • 60,000 m2 (645,835 sq.ft) park surrounding the fortress, where there are several ongoing archaeological excavations.

Sohail fortress Fuengirola

PHOTO: Fortress of Sohail.

Plaza de Toros bullring in Fuengirola, on the other hand, is one of the many bullfighting arenas in the Andalusian province, and offers an opportunity to see this very Southern Spanish tradition in a spectacular setting.

The Andalucian bullfighting season begins in April, and lasts until September.

Each season culminates in mid-August, when, during the Feria de Agosto festival, bullfights are held almost every day.

Bioparc Fuengirola Zoo (www.bioparcfuengirola.es), meanwhile, is a unique tourism experience, where you’ll be able to walk near the animals in their natural habitat.

The zoo has been divided into three sections:

  • “Madagascar”,
  • “equatorial Africa”, and
  • “Southeast Asia”…

…with each section having animals and habitat typical to the region it represents.

In addition to independently tourist the area, you can also participate in (free) guided tours, available on weekends…

…and explore the zoo park using a virtual tour, available from the official Bioparc Fuengirola website.

VIDEO: Video ad for Bioparc Fuengirola.

Of the Fuengirola attractions, Fuengirola harbor area is one of the factors that have made the region one of the leading Spanish tourist destinations.

The harbor area has a number of restaurants, cafes, bars, for both tourists and locals to enjoy.

Central to the Fuengirola harbor is its seaside boulevard, Paseo Maritimo, built by the local community as one of the leading tourist attractions…

…allowing you to walk a total of 12 kilometers (7.4 miles) along the seashore.

Finally, Mijas Aquapark (www.aquamijas.com) water park, open from May to September, is a great way to spend a hot Andalusian summer day.

The place features a range of typical water park attractions, such as:

  • water slides,
  • river rafting,
  • wave pools,
  • “Blue Lake”, and
  • jacuzzis and a children’s pool.

You can also spend time in the park, for example, mini-golfing, rock climbing, or playing games at the games arcade, and there are many good restaurants & bars in the park.