Grande Arche Paris

Grande Arche Paris is a modern version of the city’s historical Arc de Triomphe, and dedicated to humanitarian values (instead of military victories).

Work on the monumental building began from the initiative of French President François Mitterrand…starting with an international architecture contest, to design the building.

The architecture contest was won by Danish Johann Otto von Spreckelsen, with a 20th century version of the Paris Arc de Triomphe, with this version dedicated to humanitarian values and ideals.

Grande Arche Paris France

PHOTO: A view to the Grande Arch monument from Les 4 Temps La Défense shopping center, located just next door.

Grande Arche elevator Paris France

PHOTO: The highlight of the monument is the ascent to the top of the monument (at 110 meters) using the pictured glass-ceiling elevators. The cables in the middle of the photo are part of the elevator structure.

Quatre Temps Centre Commercial La Defense Paris France

PHOTO: Panorama from the upper part of stairs leading to the Grande Arche, towards Les 4 Temps shopping mall (, which is located at 15 Parvis de la Défense. Towards the left from the picture, you can find, on the same square, buildings for the CNIT, or “Centre des Nouvelles Industries et Technologies” (

Construction work on the monument, located within the arrondissement of “La Defense“, commenced in 1982, with the building completed in 1989…

…just in time for the 200-year anniversary of the French Revolution.

The monument (at 108 m in width, 110 m in height, and 112 m in depth), was constructed on a concrete framework, covered with glass and Italian Carrara marble.

As a building, the side columns contain governmental offices, while the roof construct is primarily reserved for exhibitions and events.

You can visit the top-most levels, at the height of 110 meters, with an elevator that departs from the base of the monument…

…and from the top, you can see unique panoramas all the way to the Louvre art museum, the Eiffel tower, and Tour Montparnasse skyscraper.

At the top, you’ll be able to visit:

  • a computer museum,
  • Gallery of Paris (an art gallery dedicated to art about city of Paris), and
  • a movie theater, with films about building the La Grande Arche.

There is also a restaurant, “Le Ô110”, with a modern and high-quality menu, with many innovative French dishes.

To plan your visit to the monument, you can tour the official website, available at