Greece Tourist Attractions

Greece tourist attractions include Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens, Rhodes old town, Meteora Monasteries, islands cruise from Athens, and the Parnassos mountain range.

Athens’ Acropolis is rocky hill with a flat top, rising to the height of 150 meters above the sea level.

On top of the hill, you can find UNESCO World Heritage listed ruins from ancient Greek culture, most famously of which is the Parthenon.

Parthenon ( is the temple built for the Greek goddess Athena, constructed around 400 BC.

The temple is the most important remaining landmark from classical Greek culture, and its detailed statues are often considered the peak of classical Greek art.

In global terms, Parthenon is also one of the major historical sites, and a symbol, not only of ancient Greece, but of (Athenian) democracy, which was born here.

In addition to Parthenon, Acropolis contains, for example:

  • Old Temple of Athena,
  • Athena Nike temple, and
  • New Acropolis Museum.

Rhodes, meanwhile, is a Greek island, located about 18 km (11.1 miles) from Turkey within the Aegean sea, containing a capital city with the same name, Rhodes.

The Old Town of Rhodes ( is a medieval old town, one that is in excellent condition, and for that reason it has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage site list as a whole.

From the ancient times, the city was also famous for its 30 meter (98 ft) tall statue, the “Colossus of Rhodes“, which, before the destruction, was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Of the Greece tourist attractions, Meteora monasteries are one of the most extensive and most important concentrations of Orthodox Christian monasteries in Greece.

VIDEO: Tour of Meteora monasteries.

The monasteries have been built on natural surfaces, on top of tower-like rock formations, close to the Peneios river and Pindus mountains, in central Greece.

Meteora has a total of six separate monasteries, which were built in the 15th century as a place of refuge for the persecuted Christians, with the choice of their placement being the difficulty for attacking troops to get to them.

To visit the places, you can participate, for example, on guided tours from Parga.

Islands cruise from Athens, on the other hand, is a great way to explore the coastal and island heritage of Greece.

Visiting the many Greek islands is also popular among tourists for the authentic Greek way of life in many of the islands, and the friendliness of the people there.

To cruise to the Greek islands, you can, for example, take one of the available ferries that tour the Greek islands from Athens’ port of Pireaus.

A list of harbor ferry departure times are online at

Greece tourist attractions also feature Parnassos mountain range, the largest Greek winter sports region.

The core of the mountain range contains Parnassos ski center (, which has two sections:

  • Kellaria and
  • Fterolakas.

The lift capacity at the ski center is about 5,000 people per hour, with the longest available ski slopes being around 4 km (2.4 miles) long.

You can also find a second, smaller ski center, Gerontovrahos, located just next to the Kellaria.

Behind the popularity of these ski centers is the fact, that the area is located only about 2 hours drive from Athens, and the location is also very close to Delphi.

In the summer period, you can enjoy the mountains and panoramic scenery here, for example, by jogging or mountain biking on the available mountain trails.