Heilig-Geist-Kirche, “Church of the Holy Spirit“, is one of the oldest churches in Munich, originally from 1392.

Before the current church, there was a hospital at the location, which had been founded in 1208 by Duke Ludwig I Kelheimerian.

As part of that hospital, there was a Romano architecture style chapel,Chapel of Saint Catherine.

When both the hospital and its chapel were destroyed at the fire of 1327, a decision was made to build a Gothic church to the location.

One of the leading architects of the period, Gabriel Ridler, led the building effort until completion, in 1392.

Heilig Geist Kirche Munich Germany

PHOTO: Heilig-Geist church, as seen from Virtualienmarkt.

Heilig-Geist-Kirche in Munich

PHOTO: The church entrance, a view from Peterskirche, located a stone’s throw from the Heilig-Geist church.

In Maior Dei Gloriam

PHOTO: Dedication text from church facade that reads: “In Maior Dei Gloriam”, or “For the Greater Glory of God”…which historically was a central rationale used by Christian believers.

Current Baroque style of the church is from rebuilding of 1724-1730, led by Johann Georg Ettenhofer, with Asam brothers participating in the work.

Heilig-Geist Church Munich

Address: Prälat-Miller-Weg 3, 80331 Munich, Germany
Official website: Erzbistum-Muenchen.de

Asam brothers are famous especially for building their own family church in Munich, the Asamkirche.

Inside the church, highlights include…

  • church altar by Ulrich Loth, “The Effusion of the Holy Ghost” from 1649,
  • choir fresco, “Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit”, by the Asam brothers, and
  • bronze burial vault for Duke Ferdinand of Bavaria, by Hans Krumpper (from 1608).