Hotel Villa Condulmer Venice

Hotel Villa Condulmer Venice is a 5 star luxury residence within a magnificent 1743 Venetian villa, originally built for the Condulmer family.

If you are staying at the hotel as a tourist with the main purpose of seeing the historical center of Venice, the hotel has a great location for relaxing after a day sightseeing, as Villa Condulmer is surrounded by a green, purpose-built park.

Hotel Villa Condulmer Venice

PHOTO: A guest room at the hotel.

To get to the center of Venice, Condulmer Hotel has a car and water-taxi service to/from Saint Mark’s Square, provided for an extra fee.

You’ll also be enjoying from the hotel’s restaurant, with a menu constructed out of international specialties and traditional Venetian cuisine.

All in all, you can choose from 49 rooms, including 8 exclusive villas, 7 suites, 12 junior suites, 4 executive villas, and 4 convento and 12 barchessa rooms.

Facilities available for all the guests range from Villa Condulmer restaurant to the adjacent bar, and to the 3 meeting rooms.

Villa Condulmer, constructed in 1743, has a harmonious design and contains many fascinating details.

In terms of Venetian villas, which were the mainland counterparts of palaces within the Venice city center, Condulmer villa is an exceptionally spacious one, highlighted by elegant interior with beautiful stucco works.

Among the villa highlights are also many artworks, such as four painting by Eugenio Moretti Larese on the ground floor: “The Hunt”, “The Harvest”, “The Toilet”, and “Bucolic Revels”.

The villa is flanked by two loggias, which link the main mansion to two wings with lofts and a private chapel.

Villa Condulmer is also known for its beautiful park, which was designed by Brescian architect Sebatoni, and today, contains a small lake, a bridge, ruins, and a variety of impressive trees.

Surrounding the region around the villa, there is a large golf course, as well as horse stables.

The history of the villa is very interesting, as it was built in 1743 for the wealthy Condulmer family. Over the centuries, Condulmer family had produced Pope Eugene IV, as well as a cardinal, and many other famous high profile historical personalities.

However, in late 18th century, as Marcherita Condulmer married Giovanni Grassi, the Villa first became a villa for the Grassi family, and later passing on to the current owners, the Monti family.

During the Hotel Villa Condulmer Venice history, there have been many famous guests, including Giuseppe Verdi, who came to rest at the villa after the disastrous premiere of his “La Traviata” at La Fenice theater in 1853. Ronald Reagan, president of the United States, stayed at the Villa in 1987.

For your stay, you can choose from many types of rooms and accommodations.

Of the rooms, Basic Barchessa rooms are a mix of elegance and history, located in an independent area of the Villa itself, a type of private area within the buildings.

Executive Convento Rooms, meanwhile, were originally rooms for monks, who used to live in the ancient convent that that was part of the Villa. Convento rooms are located on the first floor of the main Villa building.

Executive Villa Rooms are guarantee full privacy, yet the rooms are very close to services of the Villa. The rooms face the villa’s internal garden.

Executive Garden Rooms are located next to the old church building, in front of the park of Villa Condulmer. These first floor rooms are all furnished with Jacuzzi and other luxurious facilities.

Suite Garden Rooms, on the other hand, are located within the villa’s ground floor, directly accessible from a private access (through the garden), and includes free use of the villa swimming pool.

If you are looking for the best rooms at the Hotel Villa Condulmer Venice, you should look into the Exclusive Villa Rooms, which are the very essence of luxury. These rooms have been decorated in the historical ancient Venetian style of the Villa.

Hotel Villa Condulmer Venice
Via Preganziol, 1
31020 Mogliano Veneto
Treviso, Italia

Apart from the rooms, you’ll also enjoy the fine dining experience at the villa’s restaurant (with seating up to 200 guests), with a menu composed out of traditional Venetian, Mediterranean, and International dishes.

The restaurant is also a great place to have a special event, such as a corporate meeting, a wedding, anniversaries, or other events.