Indonesia Tourist Attractions

Indonesia tourist attractions include Borobudur, Prambanan, Bali, Ancol Dream Park, and Grand Indonesia shopping center.

Borobudur ( is a Mahayana Buddhist temple monument in Magelang, Central Java, built in the 9th century AD.

The monument is Indonesia’s most popular tourist attraction, composed of 32 meter (104 ft) tall pyramid, with highlights that include 2,672 bas-relief panels and 504 Buddha statues.

The temple is located about 40 km (24.8 miles) from Yogyakarta, between two twin-volcanoes.

Prambanan ( Hindu temple complex, meanwhile, is located about an hour’s drive from Borobudur.

The temples have been built in the 9th century AD by Mataram Kingdom, which, at the time, controlled Central Java.

There are a total of 232 temples within the attraction, with the biggest of them, a 47 meter (154 ft) tall temple, dedicated to Shiva.

Most important of the temples, and also in best condition, are the six central temples, of which three — Candi Siva, Candi Brahma, and Candi Vishnu — are particularly important.

Bali Island ( is the most popular tourist island in Indonesia (out of over 17,000 islands in total), with about 80 percent of foreign tourists that come to the country visiting only Bali on their holiday.

Bali is especially known for its varied terrains that feature hills and mountains, beautiful beaches and rugged coastal areas, as well as vast rice fields and the treeless volcanoes.

Over the last few decades, the island has developed into a major leisure holiday destination, and you can choose from several villages to tailor your own Bali experience.

Available options include, for example, Kuta, one of the most popular beach resorts and the most develop in terms of services in Bali.

Nusa Dua is also a popular choice, and features Bali’s most expensive hotels and services, as is Seminyak, a relatively quieter coastal village, with many wonderful beaches.

Of the Indonesia tourist attractions, Ancol Dream Park(, meanwhile, is a theme park that consists of several different amusement parks, the largest of which are “Dunia Fantasi” and “Sea World“.

The theme park also features holiday resorts, hotels, beaches, a harbor, as well as several good restaurants.

Of the attractions here, Dunia Fantasi is an amusement park in the Disneyland sense, and includes a variety of themed areas, such as ‘Europe”, “Americas”, and “​​Indonesia”.

Duni Fantasi features over 40 amusement rides and shows, the most popular of them being “Halilintar” roller coaster and Balada Kera(“Monkey Parody”) theater.

Sea World, on the other hand, contains an extensive, Southeast Asia’s largest, in fact, aquarium, as well as:

  • Atlantis Water Adventure water park,
  • Gelanggang Samudra Ocean Park zoo, and
  • two beaches: “Carnival” and “Festival.”

You can get to the Ancol Dream Park quickly from ​​Jakarta, as the park is within Jakarta’s coastal suburbs.

Finally, Indonesia tourist attractions include Grand Indonesia shopping mall in Jakarta (, as part of the Grand Indonesia complex, which also features residential buildings, office towers, and a hotel.

The shopping center, whose official name is officially Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, contains a total of 250,000 m2 (2,69 million sq.ft) of shop floorspace, divided into eight levels.

VIDEO: Indonesian Culture and Tourism Ministry’s tour of the country’s attractions.

The building also contains a large movie theater, Blitz Megaplex, many famous brands, such as Seibu, Harvey Nichols, as well as an Indonesian flagship store for Chanel.

Highlights at the mall also feature “Crossroads of the World” section, with special lighting effects.