Les Tuileries

Les Tuileries is a garden within central Paris, designed by Andre Le Notre, better known for designing the gardens for Versailles palace.

The French style gardens are the most central of the many in Paris, covering a total area of 25 hectares…

…stretching all the way from Louvre to Place de la Concorde.

Andre Le Notre finalized his original plans for Tuileries gardens in 1664.

The current version of the gardens follows (mostly) Le Notre’s original designs, with magnificent waterpools and statues.

Les Tuileries park Paris France

PHOTO: An overview of the Tuileries gardens, as seen from Place de la Concorde. The buildings on the background belong to the Louvre Art Museum.

Julius Caesar statue Les Tuileries Paris France

PHOTO: Historically, Tuileries was a palace garden for the Palais des Tuileries, which is partly why the area is so richly decorated with statues. On the picture is a statue of Julius Caesar, by Nicolas Coustou.

The gardens are an oasis of green in the middle of the busiest parts of Paris…which is Tuileries gardens is a wonderful location to relax for a minute or two, while sightseeing and shopping.

Tuileries garden is also a point within the 5 km long axe historique, or “the historic axis”.

The historic axis is a route that connects Louvre palace first to Arc de Triomphe (via Champs Elysees), all the way to the arrondissement of La Defense.

Within the gardens, you can also find:

  • benches,
  • cafes, and
  • a modern art museum, Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume (www.jeudepaume.org).

To get to the location, the easiest way is to use the Paris Metro, line M1, with the closest exit being “Tuileries”.