Lido Beach Venice

Lido beach Venice are known for their fine golden sands, making them favorites with Venetians during the summer period, when locals flock to the island to enjoy a relaxation with the sun and the sea.

Today, Lido is one of the least crowded beaches within the Adriatic Sea, but, thanks to its proximity to Venice, the place is ideal for those who want to combine cultural tourism at the historical center and a beach holiday.

Lido Beach Venice Italy

PHOTO: View to Lido beach Venice.

At one time during its history, the island was a favorite of the European nobility, and from 1857 (when the place got its first bathhouse), it began to also get more and more everyday people as well as celebrities (including German writer, artist, and politician Johann Wolfgang von Goethe), making it the most elegant holiday resort in all of Europe.

Of that golden era, however, only the typical wooden huts remain, which are used as a place to eat and to take shelter from the sun during the hottest hours.

This unique feature, which allows you to avoid crowded beaches with umbrellas, provides for a more relaxed atmosphere that has made the place one of the 10 most popular city beaches in the world.

Lido beach is also great for enjoying the sea, as the beach is characterized by a gently sloping seabed, clean waters, and subdued waves thanks to the protection of the two breakwaters of S. Nicolò and Alberoni.

The bathing establishments at the Lido’s beaches are all well kept and well equipped, with the rows of huts arranged and numbered, differing in shapes and colors depending on the which section of the beach they belong to. depending on which part of the Lido beaches you are at, you’ll find different services, from bars / restaurants to sports, including sailing and surfing.

Although many beaches in Lido island are private, there are also areas of beach where you can enjoy the sea for free, such as the natural wildlife habitat areas of sand dunes of San Nicolò and Alberoni, Murazzi rocks, and the Bluemoon beach.

This zone, which is located at the end of Gran Viale, is a short walk from the moorings of Santa Maria Elisabetta, and one of the most crowded areas with tourists, but also one of the best developed, with a variety of businesses, including bars and restaurants and installated showers and baths.

Many of the smaller Lido beaches are almost totally devoid of services, but can be fun if you want to enjoy a little quiet time.

Alberoni beach in Lido, a WWF protected area, is a semi-wild area and very impressive for its size. Because of the protected statues, the area has a habitat that contains many sea birds, including rare species.