Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna is the longest commercial street in Europe, about 2 km (1.2 miles) in length, connecting Westbahnhof railway station to the city center.

The street, which locals have nicknamed “Mahü“, is, in addition to being the most popular shopping street in the city, also central to Vienna nightlife.

Within the street, you can find…

  • the most important Austrian department stores,
  • several top shopping centers, and
  • many specialty shops (selling everything from books to clothing, and from delicacies to furniture).

Mariahilferstrasse shopping street Vienna Austria

PHOTO: A view from (near) Wien Westbahnhof railway station to one end of Mariahilfer Strasse. Shopping center to the left on the picture is ‘LaStafa’. (address: Mariahilfer Strasse 120)

Benetton Mariahilferstrasse Vienna Austria

PHOTO: Benetton ( has a large fashion megastore here. (address: Mariahilfer Strasse 116)

L'Occitane Mariahilferstrasse Vienna Austria

PHOTO: L’Occitane (, a beauty products specialty store (with a Southern France / Provence theme), has two locations within Mariahilfer Strasse, at numbers 27 and 113. (pictured store is the one at Mariahilfer Strasse 113)

BIPA styling lounge Mariahilferstrasse Vienna Austria

PHOTO: BIPA ( is a popular beauty products chainstore in Austria. Pictured is their ‘Styling Lounge‘ concept store (, which provides one-stop-shop services in styling — from haircuts to make-up and manicures. At the lounge, you can your style 100% within one visit. (address: Mariahilfer Strasse 112)

Hämmerle Mariahilferstrasse Vienna Austria

PHOTO: Hämmerle ( is a stylish boutique, specialized in ladies fashion. (address: Mariahilfer Strasse 105)

H&M Mariahilferstrasse Vienna Austria

PHOTO: H&M ( has three stores within Mariahilfer Strasse…at numbers 78-80, 53, and 41-43. (pictured is H&M store at Mariahilfer Strasse 78-80)

Generali Center Mariahilferstrasse Vienna Austria

PHOTO: Generali Center has over 20 specialty stores. (address: Mariahilfer Strasse 77)

Turek Mariahilferstrasse Vienna Austria

PHOTO: Turek ( store, a shop for young, urban fashion (especially jeans). To the left in the picture, there’s a street festival at Neubaugasse. (address: Mariahilfer Strasse 68)

Mariahilfer kirche Mariahilferstrasse Vienna Austria

PHOTO: The street has been named after the pictured Mariahilfer kirche, built in 1683. (address: Mariahilfer Strasse 65)

Peek & Cloppenburg Mariahilferstrasse Vienna Austria

PHOTO: Peek & Cloppenburg ( is one of the fashion store highlights within the street. (address: Mariahilfer Strasse 26-30)

Stiftskirche Mariahilferstrasse Vienna Austria

PHOTO: Rococo style Stiftskirche, built in 1739, symbolizes the close historical relationship between the Catholic church and the ruling Habsburg dynasty…which is the top section of the church resembles an emperor’s crown. Stiftskirche is about 400 meters (437 yards) from MuseumsQuartier ( (address: Mariahilfer Strasse 24)

Mariahilfer Strasse is also the best place in Vienna for eating out and treating yourself to delicacies…

…including American fast food and coffee, as the street has:

  • McDonald’s (,
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken, (, and
  • Starbucks (

You don’t have to walk all the way from one end of the street to the other end, as the Vienna subway (line U3) has stations at…

  • Neubaugasse (Mariahilfer Strasse 68),
  • Zieglergasse (Mariahilferstrasse 90), and
  • Westbahnhof (Mariahilferstrasse 130).

To plan your visit to Mariahilfer Strasse, and to check out the current events within the street, a good resource for doing so is the official website at

For shopping in Vienna, other great places include:

  • Millennium City (,
  • Donauzentrum (Vienna’s largest mall,, and
  • shopping streets Kärntner Strasse, Kohlmarkt, and Graben.