Mestre Venice Italy Map

Find out Mestre Venice Italy map types from several resources, including satellite maps, details of the Mestre train station, and a information on birds eye view of the region.

One of the best resources for maps about Mestre is Google Maps.

With their maps, for example, you can plot the best route from Mestre to Venice’s centro storico, find the nearest grocery store, and see 45-degree angle views to the region’s highlights.

MAP: Standard terrain map view to Mestre, with the Ponte della Libertà to the right. Using the map, you can search for services nearby, routes, and use the satellite view to check out the areas in more detail.

MAP: Google satellite map of Mestre.

When staying in Mestre, its a very good idea to stay close to the main Mestre train station, Stazione di Venezia Mestre, from where you have both bus and train options to get to Venice city center in minutes.

The station is used daily by over 85,000 passengers, with some 500 train departures per day.

Below is a Google satellite map of Mestre train station, and a 45-degree view of the the terminus in central Venice, Venezia Santa Lucia, on the island of Venice.

MAP: Satellite Google map of Mestre train station.

MAP: 45-degree Google map of Santa Lucia train station (terminus for the train from Mestre).

In addition to Google, also Bing (a Microsoft service) has advanced maps available of Mestre.

Bing Maps provides many great features, such as ‘bird’s view’ maps of Mestre, where the maps have been constructed from photographs taken from an airplane that flew over the region.

These ‘bird’s eye’ maps are not embeddable, so you have to go to the Bing Maps website ( to see that type of map.

Standard Bing maps are, on the other hand, embeddable, and below is a standard street map view from Bing.


MAP: Standard Bing Map of Mestre.

Another great free map application online is OpenStreetMap, which is a ‘Wikipedia‘ type map application updated and made more accurate by a community of active users.

You can use the data from OpenStreetMap for your own applications, if you want to, say, develop a map app for the Venice tourism industry.

Below is a OpenStreetMap version of Mestre Venice Italy map.

MAP: An overview OpenStreetMap of Mestre and the Venetian lagoon.

Apart from these online maps, you can get a free maps from the Venice Tourism Information points, available throughout the city.

For example, if you come to the city via a cruiseliner, you can get a free map from the information points at the arrivals hall at the main Port Marittima terminal.

Most of the available maps are about the historic center of Venice, but from the many brochures that are available from these information points, you should also find maps of Mestre.