Metropole Hotel Venice Italy

Metropole Hotel Venice Italy is a five star hotel with 67 rooms and a staff of 70 employees ensuring a pleasant stay.

The hotel is conveniently located in a city where the movements are mostly via water, as Metropole offers the convenience of being directly reached from the canals, with an elegant private dock that acts as a landing place, if you arrive with a water taxi.

Also, if you are here in September for the Venice Film Festival, Hotel Metropole offers a water taxi directly to the dock of Hotel Excelsior in the heart of Lido, just few steps from the Palazzo del Cinema, the main building for the film festival.

Private waterboats are also great for special occasions, such as for having a romantic aperitif on board, within the calm waters of the lagoon, and for enjoying the wonders that this city has to offer.

As a 5 star hotel, Metropole has an atmosphere of refined elegance, luxury down to the detail, and a variety of amenities that are designed to make your stay more enjoyable.

Metropole Hotel Venice Italy

PHOTO: A guestroom at the Metropole Hotel Venice Italy.

The hotel has a great employee to guest ratio, with 70 employees at your disposal, and the 67 guestrooms including suites, junior suites, and exclusive suites, plus rooms with private balcony or a roof terrace.

Metropole also includes Venetian cuisine “The Met Restaurant”, which is one of the most famous restaurants in the city, a Citrus Garden Restaurant, a wine cellar with prestigious labels of wines and vintage champagnes, as well as an Oriental Bar that serves cocktails and snacks (open late).

If you are in town for business or with a group, you might appreciate a conference room which has facilities for a maximum of 25 people, as well the 24 room service and concierge, or the multilingual staff.

If you’d like to exercise during your stay in Venice, the closest golf course is just an half an hour away, with several jogging paths nearby, and a beach a quarter of an hour away.

In terms of atmosphere, Metropole hotel provides luxurious surroundings, Venetian velvet, original furniture, and oriental touches throughout. Some of the elements that you can find from the hotel’s facilities include lighted candles, relaxing music, and subtle, spicy fragrances, created by the hotel.

Metropole Hotel
Riva degli Schiavoni 4149
30122 Venezia Italy

Every Friday, Metropole is also one of the top places for nighlife, a position elevated by having a resident DJ, Valentino Borgia.

Some of the famous past guests at the hotel building, which has been operating since the early 16th century include Antonio Vivaldi, Sigmund Freud, and Marcel Proust.