Monument aux Mobilisés

Monument aux Mobilisés in Marseille is a historical war memorial, located opposite the Saint Vincent de Paul church.

The monument, completed in 1894, is a remembrance to those Marseillais, who died at the Franco-Prussian war of 1870.

On top of the monument, you can see a female figure of “France Armée“, allegorical to the military might of France.

Under the allegorical figure, you can see statues portraying those brave Marseillais soldiers, who fought for the country.

Today, the monument is one of the primary departure points for local demonstrations, which usually continue via La Canebière street towards Vieux Port harbor, often continuing to the Hotel de Ville city hall, located adjacent to the harbor.

Monument aux Mobilisés Marseille France

PHOTO: Monument aux Mobilisés memorial, as seen from Saint Vincent de Paul church, towards Marseille’s historical harbor.

Monument aux Mobilises statues Marseille France

PHOTO: A closeup of the soldier statues on the monument, depicted carrying 1870-71 Franco-Prussian War era equipment.

In addition to being a departure point for demonstrations, the monument is also the point of departure for the annual carnival parade, Carnaval de Marseille.

Carnaval de Marseille parade goes along the main route in Marseille, La Canebière.