Munich Christmas Market

Munich Christmas market within the city’s pedestrian old town, is one of the oldest in Europe.

In fact, first mentions of the Christmas market near Munich’s Marienplatzsquare (and streets surrounding it) are from as far back as 14th century.

The marketplace has operated throughout its history either at the square, or nearby, first, however under a different name…

…as the administrative books mention (in 1642) the marketplace as “Nicholas markets” — at Kaufinger strasse, near Frauenkirche.

Munchen Christkindlmarkt Munich Germany

PHOTO: Karlstor end of the Christmas market is marked with the pictured overhead banner, which reads: “Muncher Christkindlmarkt”.

Munich Christmas market Germany

PHOTO: Christmas marketplace activity in old town is centered around Marienplatz, which also has the biggest Christmas tree in Munich.

Popular & traditional products at the Christmas market in Munich are…

  • traditional Bavarian wood carvings (from Oberammergau)
  • gingerbread (Lebkuchen) from Nuremberg,
  • Bavarian glass products,
  • nativity scenes, and
  • beewax candles.

The old town marketplace opens three weeks before Christmas, ending on 24th of December.

During these days, there is daily program at the markets, including a Christmas concert, performed from the neue rathaus‘ central balcony.

For the market weeks, neue rathaus also houses “Heavenly Workshop“, where 6-12 year-old children can experient with arts and crafts, with an opportunity to bake own gingerbread cookies.

Apart from the Marienplatz section of the Christmas market, other old town markets nearby include Kripperlmarkt.

Kripperlmarkt, part of Munich’s old town Christmas market tradition since 18th century, is best known for sales of nativity scenes, and other products celebrating birth of Jesus.

A short drive from old town’s marketplace, you can also visit the “Tollwood Markt der Ideen” Christmas market.

Tollwood Winter Festival / Market, an annual event, has over 200 stalls selling products from various countries.

The festival also has daily Christmas music performances, especially around its central nativity scene.

All in all, you can find over 20 Christmas markets in Munich, ranging from…

  • Medieval Christmas markets (with gospel concerts) at Wittelsbacher Platz, to the
  • Christmas markets at Munich International Airport‘s central square (which also has a skating rink).