Munich Stadtmuseum

Munich Stadtmuseum showcases the city’s culture and history, through, for example, exhibitions and films.

The museum, in operation since 1888 and officially ‘Münchner Stadtmuseum’, has a permanent exhibition that provides a journey into the historical reasons why Munich became one of the world’s top cities.

For example, the exhibition provides insights into how Munich’s worldwide reputation is connected to beer, and how the city was transformed over time into a center for European art.

You’ll also get to know how the Bavarian region — and Munich in particular — was Germany’s “secret capital’ during ‘Wirschaftswunder‘, the period of fast economic growth after World War II.

Stadtmuseum Munich Germany

PHOTO: Stadtmuseum facade at St.-Jakobs-Platz 1.

The permanent exhibitions are divided into five departments, each offering a unique representation of things that are typical to Munich.

For many tourists, the most interesting section is the one about historical Munich — as a place of dukes, princes, and kings, and a capital of Bavaria.

The museum also allows you to get to know the concept of ‘new Munich‘, which the historians consider starting from 1791…

…when Prince-Elector Karl Theodor had the ancient city walls demolished.

With tearing down the city walls, Munich saw a period of rapid expansion and rebuilding, especially during the reigns of

  • Maximilian I Joseph,
  • Ludwig I, and
  • Maximilian II.

As the city expanded and became more important, it also started to attract university students from around Europe.

The permanent exhibitions also include…

  • a collection of photographs,
  • marionette collection, and
  • an exhibition of musical instruments.

Of these, the marionette puppet collection is a reference to the city’s history as a center for marionette theater art, and the exhibition provides a look into these dolls from around the world.

Adjacent to the marionette exhibition, you’ll find a a collection related to the city’s history of events and festivals, including the history of Oktoberfest.

Munich Stadtmuseum

Address: St.-Jakobs-Platz 1, 80331 Munich, Germany
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The musical instrument collection, meanwhile, contains objects from many cultures, for a total of 6,000 instruments.

The collection includes 1,500 rare musical instruments from Africa and ancient American cultures.