Natural History Museum Vienna

Natural History Museum Vienna is located in a wonderful, palatial building, next door to the Vienna MuseumsQuartier and Vienna Art Museum.

The building, adjacent to the Maria-Theresia square, is from 1881, a design by Gottfried Semper (exteriors) and Karl von Hasenauer (interiors).

The museum is divided to eight departments, each uniquely exhibiting the range of fauna and flora in the world.

Natural History Museum Vienna Austria

PHOTO: Natural History Museum, as seen from Maria Theresia square, close to the Vienna Art Museum ( entrance.

Vienna Natural History Museum statue

PHOTO: The Maria-Theresia square in front of the museum has many highlights, including the pictured ‘horse tamer‘ sculpture.

Natural History Museum in Vienna entrance elephant statue

PHOTO: Because the Vienna Art Museum directly opposite is housed in an almost identical building, one way to tell the two apart is the fact that the Natural History Museum has one of the world’s most photographed elephant statues (pictured) next to its entrance.

Natural History Museum
Address: Burgring 7, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Official website:

Within the Natural History Museum, open to visitors since 1889, popular sections include…

  • its prehistorical and anthropological exhibitions, as well as
  • the meteorite collection, located on the building’s second level, and
  • prehistoric collection, famously including “Venus von Willendorf“, a fertility icon from 14th century BC.