Neue Residenz

Neue residenz is an administrative palace of Salzburg’s historical Archbishop rulers, a “Palazzo Nuovo”, opposite Alte Residenz.

The palace was commissioned to be built by Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, to the eastern side of Salzburg cathedral.

In fact, if was due to von Raitenau’s plans (which were mostly realized by later Archbishops Markus Sittikus and Paris Lodron) that the overall look for the most important parts Salzburg’s old town became what they are today.

Neue Residenz Salzburg Austria

PHOTO: Neue Residenz palace, as seen from the Alte Residenz, on the opposite side of the Residenz square. Between the palaces, you can see Residenzbrunnen, considered one of the most beautiful Baroque fountains north of the Alps.

Residenzbrunnen Salzburg Austria

PHOTO: A detail from the dramatic Residenzbrunnen fountain, which is made entirely out of marble, by Tomasso di Garona from 1656 – 1661.

Prince Archbishop Raitenau was not powerful only in terms of Salzburg, but he was, in fact, the richest person in the entire Holy Roman Empire, and a descendant from the powerful families of the time —Medicis, Hohenems, Raitenaus, and Siergensteins.

Construction work on the palace commenced from 1588, and to make room for the Residenzplatz square in front of it, tens of historical buildings had to be demolished.

After it was completed, the building was initially an official residence for the ruling Archbishop and his family…

…while the Alte Residenz (located opposite to the Neue Residenz) was used as an administrative palace for the Archbishops (since 1600, however, Alte Residenz has been used for other purposes).

The most significant highlights at the Neue Residenz include the stately rooms on the second level.

These rooms contain Tugendensaal (“Hall of Virtues“), where the walls are decorated by allegorical bas-relief artworks, portraying the four cardinal virtues (prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude) and three theological virtues (faith, hope, and charity).

Today, the palace contains Neue Residenz – Salzburg Museum (, whose collection, showcasing Salzurg’s history through various themed exhibitions, is spread within all the floors in the building.