Olympiaturm (‘Olympic Tower‘) is a 291.28 m (956 ft) tall media tower and one of the most famous landmarks in Munich, with observation platforms and a revolving restaurant.

The tower, built in 1968, is located within the 1972 Summer Olympic Park, “Olympiapark“, with the park giving the tower its name.

You can find two observation platforms from the tower…

  • at 171 meters, and
  • at 192 meters.

Of these two, the upper platform also has a Rock Museum, an addition to the tower from 2004. The museum’s collection contains memorabilia from Rock & Roll personalities.

Olympiaturm Munich Germany

PHOTO: Olympic Tower, as seen from Luz-Long-Ufer strasse. The photo is taken near the entrance to the Olympic skating hall, home ice for the EHC Munchen (www.ehc-muenchen.de) ice-hockey team.

In addition to the observation platforms, Olympic Tower has a 230 customer revolving restaurant, “Restaurant 181” (restaurant181.com), located at the height of 181 meters (593 ft).

One full turn of the restaurant takes 53 minutes…or, about the time it takes to enjoy a good meal.

Munich Olympic Tower

Address: Spiridon-Louis-Ring 7, 80809 Munich, Germany
Official website: Olympiapark.de/olympic-tower

To get up to the tower, you can use the 30-person elevators, which ascend at a rate of 7 meters/second…a journey of 30 seconds in total.

Since opening its doors in 1968, over 35 million people have visited the attraction so far. Olympic Tower is open daily, from 9am – midnight.