Palais Trautson

Palais Trautson is one of the most important Baroque buildings in Vienna, and also a beautiful historical private residence.

The palace, which is located at Museumstrasse 7, was a venue for many historical celebrations, when it was owned by the Johann Leopold Donat Graf Trautson…

…but later, it was also in military use, as Empress Maria Teresia purchased the palace (in 1760), to be used as a residence for her Hungarian guard.

This Hungarian connection had continuity even after monarchy ended in Austria (1918), as the Hungarian state owned the building from 1924-1963.

During this period, Trautson palace was used by “Collegium Hungaricum“, a German-language Roman Catholic priest seminary.

Palais Trautson Vienna Austria

PHOTO: Trautson palace was built in 1712 from plans by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach. He took inspiration for the building’s design from several sources, including Paleis op de Dam in Amsterdam.

Hungarian state sold the palace in 1963 to the Austrian state, in order to finance construction of a new, Eastern bloc style building to Hollandstrasse.

Trautson Palace
Address: Museumstrasse 7, 1070 Wien-Neubau, Austria

Today, Trautson palace contains offices for the ‘Bundesministerium für Justiz’, Austria’s Justice Ministry.

As you take a look at the beautiful three story Baroque palace, notice especially the bas relief artworks on top of many windows, portraying events from ancient legends.