Peterskirche Munich

Roman Catholic Peterskirche Munich (‘St Peter kirche’) is one of the oldest churches in the city, and features a popular tower observation platform.

At the same central location in Munich, next to the Marienplatz square, there has, in fact, been a religious building ever since Munich was founded…in 1158 by Henry the Lion.

From the 8th century, these religious buildings had been built by local monks, who also lived at the Petersbergl area.

However, the first major church on the location was a Bavarian Romanesque style church, commissioned by the first Wittelsbach ruler of Bavaria, Otto I, in 1181.

Just 100 years later, that church was demolished, and a new church, St Peter kirche, was built to the location, opening its doors in 1294.

Peterskirche Munich Germany

PHOTO: St Peter kirche, as seen from an observation platform at Munich Neue Rathaus.

St Peter Kirche Munich Germany

PHOTO: St Peter kirche, as seen from Rindermarkt, a popular shopping street in Munich.

After being completed in 1294, the church was renovated and rebuilt several times over the centuries, especially during the 17th century…

…when its 92 meter (301 ft) tower got a Renaissance style facade, and a new Baroque choir was added to the building.

In terms of interiors, the highlights of St Peter church include its altar, with a statue of Saint Peter, a gift from Erasmus Grasser.

Other religious artworks of note are…

  • five Gothic paintings by Jan Polack, and
  • frescoes by Johann Baptist Zimmermann, added to the building from 1753-1756.

St Peter kirche Munich

Address: Rindermarkt 1, 80331 Munich, Germany
Official website:

The Renaissance style tower of the church, locally nicknamed as ‘Alter Peter‘ (‘Old Peter’), has great panoramic views over Munich’s historic city center.

St Peter kirche tower (observation platform) is open to visitors:

  • Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm, and
  • Saturdays & Sundays 10am – 6pm.