Pont Alexandre III Paris

Pont Alexandre III Paris is a bridge crossing Seine river in central Paris, and with all of its statues and monuments, it is considered one of the most beautiful and impressive bridges in the city.

The 107-meter (117 yard) long Pont Alexandre III, connecting Champs-Élysées to the Les Invalides, was constructed at the same time with the nearby Petit Palais and Grand Palais, all completed in time for the 1900 Exposition Mondial in Paris.

Pont Alexandre III Paris France

PHOTO: Pont Alexandre III Paris from Quai d’Orsay. Just a short walk from the place where the picture was taken, is the Paris Eiffel tower.

La Renommee au Combat Pont Alexandre III Paris France

PHOTO: There are four “Fame” sculptures, one on each corner of Alexandre III bridge. Each “Fame” figure allegorically portrays different themes, with each trying to restrain a pegasus. The pictured “Fame” is by Clément Steiner, “La Renommée au Guerre”, or “The Fame of War”.

La France de Louis XIV Pont Alexandre III Paris France

PHOTO: On the corners of the bridge, you’ll also find monumental sculptures allegorically portraying France under different historical periods. Pictured above is “La France de Louis XIV”, or “France of Louis XIV”. On the background, you can see parts of the nearby Grand Palais.

Lion et Enfant Pont Alexandre III Paris France

PHOTO: Entrance to the Pont Alexandre III bridge is guarded by “Lion et l’Enfant” or “Lion and a Boy” statues, by Georges Gardet. The golden dome you can see on the background is of Les Invalides, where Napoleon’s tomb is located (directly under the dome, in fact).

Cherubs Pont Alexandre III Paris France

PHOTO: Pont Alexandre III’s style, Art Nouveau, was popular at the time the bridge was constructed. Art Nouveau highlights in the bridge include the main streetlamps, each surrounded by cupid statues.

Memorial plaque Pont Alexandre III Paris France

PHOTO: A memorial placate for the construction of the bridge, work that took place from 1897-1900. There are also other memorial placates at the bridge, including one for Nikolai II, who was here for the ceremonial laying of the foundation stone, and another for the bridge’s opening ceremonies, where participants included then-president of France, Émile Loubet.

Nymphes de la Neva Pont Alexandre III Paris France

PHOTO: Mid-bridge, you’ll find the pictured sculpture by Georges Récipon, “Nymphes de la Néva” or “Nymphs of Neva”, with Paris Eiffel tower on the background.

Seine river cruise Paris France

PHOTO: A cruise on the Seine river is included on many tourists’ itineraries in Paris. From the direction of the picture, Pont de l’Alma, departures for such cruises include Bateaux Mouches (www.bateaux-mouches.fr), whose specialty areas are Seine sightseeing cruises and dining cruises.

Among the bridge highlights are…

  • Art Nouveau lamps,
  • cherub statues and nymph sculptures, as well as
  • winged pegasos horses on the bridge’s corners.

Alexandre III bridge, a design by Joseph Cassien-Bernard and Gaston Cousin, was named after Czar Alexander III, who was in power during the signing of the 1882 Franco-Russian alliance, an accord to which the bridge has been dedicated to.

Alexander III’s son, Nikolai II, was also present in laying the foundation stone in October, 1896.

Pont Alexandre III Paris style has many same elements with the nearbyGrand Palais. One interesting fact, however, in planning of the bridge was that it should not disturb the view to either Les Invalides or to theChamps-Élysées from either side.

As you walk towards the bridge, the first highlight you’ll be able to see are the four monumental sculptures on top of the bridge’s 17-meter (56 feet) tall corner columns.

These golden sculptures were made by…

  • Emmanuel Frémiet,
  • Pierre Granet,
  • Clément Steiner, and
  • Gustave Michel…

…and portray “Fame” figures, each restraining a winged Pegasus.

On the (street-level) sides to the bridge entrance, meanwhile, you can find lion statues guided by a child figure, by Jules Dalou and Georges Gardet.

The massive bronze statues in the bridge’s mid-section, meanwhile, by Georges Récipon, portray “Nymphs of Seine” on one side, and “Nymphs of Neva” on the other side.

Similar bridge to the Pont Alexandre III Paris, also dedicated to the Franco-Russian alliance, was build in Russia, to St. Petersburg.

Pont Alexandre III Paris

Address: Quai d’Orsay, Cours la Reine, 75008 Paris, France

That bridge, “Troitskiy Most”, or the “Holy Trinity Bridge” was completed in 1903.

Holy Trinity Bridge was designed by French Gustave Eiffel (famous for designing the Eiffel tower), with the foundation stone being laid in 1897 by the then-president of France, Félix Faure.