Prince of Venice

Prince of Venice is a catamaran ferry that you can use to travel between Izola in Slovenia and Venice Italy.

During the catamarans two and a half hour boat ride (one way), depending from which tour company you’ve taken the ride with, you may receive insights into the history of Venice, and then continue with new knowledge to the city’s many architectural sights, or maybe a Murano glass workshop.

Prince of Venice ferry

PHOTO: The catamaran ferry boat anchored in Venice.

If you are coming from Izola, depending on your tour company and return time to the ferry, you can use the free time for individual sightseeing tours, have a Venetian lunch, or just go for a gondola or water taxi ride.

As a route from Slovenia ,the route is: Izola (Slovenia) – Venice (Italy) – Izola (Slovenia).

Among all the alternative ways to travel in the coastline, the ferry catamaran is certainly one of the most attractive and popular excursions from the Slovenian coast.

When traveling from Izola, you first board the catamaran.

After 2,5 hours ride, the catamaran arrives to Venice where, if you’ve chosen your tour company to do so, an English-speaking guide will lead you through the streets of the “city of bridges”, within lagoon with 118 islets.

Typical tours in the city include San Marco’s square, the famous Doge’s Palace, Rialto Bridge, other interesting sights of the city, and a visit to a Murano glass factory workshop for souvenirs.

After the guided city tour, most itineraries leave rest of the afternoon free for individual activities.

In late afternoon visitors board the catamaran again, in order for the return trip back to the Slovenian coast, where a bus is waiting for you to take you back to your hotel.

A typical (seasonal) schedule for the catamaran ferry:


As a catamaran boat (a stable and safe boat even on a bad weather) and a shallow draught, the Prince of Venice has capability to dock also at a smaller harbours along the Adriatic coast, which has made the boat a popular vessel to have corporate presentation, events, and banquets.

A company can rent to crewed ship and rearrange the seats and spaces according to demand.

Facts of the boat:

Built in 1989 in Australia
Length: 39,60 m
Width: 15,60 m
Max.speed: 29 nods
Seating capacity: 328
2 indoor salons
3 outdoor decks: upper deck for panoramic view, middle deck with passengers’ seats, and lower deck – toilets and standing area
Bar (lower salon)
Crew: 5 + 5

Technical equipment available for broadcasting event information through decks and salons includes projector, six screens, and speakers on upper and lower salons.