Raffaele Apartment Venice

2 star Raffaele Apartment Venice has a great location in Dorsaduro sestiere (district) of the city, not too far from Piazzale Roma, the car / bus terminus of Venice.

Because of the apartments ideal location close to the historical landmarks, pleasant atmosphere, and convenient facilities, the accommodation is popular among business travelers and tourists alike.

Area within Dorsaduro, where the property is located, is a more quiet and central zone, and in addition to being close to the Piazzale Roma, nearby, you can also find Accademia, Fondamenta delle Zattere, and many other interesting places and tourist attractions.

In terms of rooms, all the guest room units at Raffaele Apartment are provided with a range of amenities, to make sure your stay is a successful one.

Amenities at the rooms include hairdryer, heating, kitchen, a private bathroom, and TV.

Raffaele Apartment
Dorsoduro 1717
Venice, Italy

The apartment hotel also has laundry facilities for guest use.

While there is no onsite restaurant, you can make use of the kitchen in the apartment, or visit one of the many Venetian restaurants that populate Dorsaduro and adjacent districts.