Resort Near Venice

A look into Lido di Jesolo, a resort near Venice, which has been a popular tourism destination since the late nineteenth century, when a high-profile bathing establishment was opened at Piazza Marconi.

However, the first hotel (Hotel Aurora) in the resort village was built much later, in 1928.

Lido di Jesolo saw the beginning of a major tourism boom from the early 1950s, as the resort started to be frequented by tourists from Austria and Germany especially, but also from all over Northern Italy.

As these guests were satisfied year after year and their loyalty to the location increased, the tourist numbers grew rapidly.

Summer after summer, Lido di Jesolo has grown in numbers, both residential and tourism, with today, the place seeing around 6 million annual visitors, the beaches being a preference for Italian and international tourism.

In fact, lately, Jesolo has become not only a beach resort for families, but also a destination for international events that are held here.

Lido di Jesolo resort near Venice

PHOTO: A view of Lido di Jesolo’s main beach area.

The resort is located on the Adriatic coast, just a short ride by boat from Venice. Regionally, Lido di Jesolo is a preferred holiday destination for young people and families every summer.

As a well developed resort, the place has facilities which meet the needs of most tourists, with hotels directly on the seafront or near the green pine forests. There are facilities for DIY holiday makers, residences with all the comforts, campsites and holiday villages for families, who just want a safe and fun holiday.

In addition to the delightful beachlife, Jesolo offers a lively nightlife and evenings by the sea, starting with dinners in one of the many restaurants that offer Jesolo’s fish specialties of typical Venetian cuisine…followed by dancing in a disco or enjoying music at outdoor bars along the Via Bafile.

MAP: Location of Lido di Jesolo, resort near Venice, within the Venetian lagoon.

However, the main attraction of the resort is the fifteen kilometers of golden beach, with modern facilities and security.

The beach is famous for quality, which is certified in terms of sea water and services by Italy Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education), which has given Jesolo a “Blue Flag” for the quality of the water, the cleanliness of the beach, and the ‘efficiency of services offered to tourists’.