Saint Ferreol les Augustins

Marseille’s Saint Ferréol les Augustins, which is also known as ‘Église des Augustins‘, was historically one of the main churches for the Catholic Augustinians religious order.

Building of the church commenced in 1447, and it was completed over hundred years later, in 1588.

To admire the church’s construction-in-progress, several famous people of the time visited Marseille, including Pope Clément VII, together with his niece Catherine de Médici, the wife of French King Henry II.

Saint Ferreol les Augustins church Marseille France

PHOTO: Saint-Ferréol les Augustins church, a view from the departure point for ‘Les Petits Trains de Marseille‘ ( minitrains (within Vieux-Port harbor).

As was fitting for the philosophy of the Augustinians religious order, the original (Gothic) church facade was very modest, but later, from 1874, the church was completely rebuilt in (its current) Neoclassical style.

Inside the church, there are many highlights.

These highlights include:

  • “Altar des Augustins” artwork by Dominique Fossaty, and
  • a statue of Joan of Art, by Louis Botinelly (who also made the Joan of Arc statue located in front of the Marseille Saint Vincent de Paul church).